Oct. 29, 2015

Psychedelic Felinity? It's Groovy, Baby.

It's National Cat Day, Baybeeee.
And It's Groooveee, Baybeeee.
Like Cruuuisin' On L-S-D(eee) -
LAKE SHORE DRIVE In The Windeee Citeee.
Havin' Yo' Mind Blown By It's Renowned Beauteee.
Spiraling Out On The Acid Winds Of Yo' Own Destineee.
Heee - Heee -Heeeee.
The Walls Have Eyes That Watch Meee,
And Mouths That Speak To Meee.
Heee -Heee -Heeeee.
Their Eyes Can Seee That Psychedelic Feliniteee
Is All Groooveee, Baybeeeee.


Now See, That's What The Heck I Get For Listening To Jim Morrison and The Doors All Day.

(More Laughs)

Representin' The Feline Kind Like No Other,
Puss'n Boots ;)

Happy National Cat Day To All O' My Fellow Cats Out There.

This Is How WE Do It:
Meow, Yawn, Purr, Eat, Stretch, Nap, Strut, Repeat. ;)

Make Life A Stone Groove, Everybody.

Psychedelic Cat Art by May141K Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.