Oct. 20, 2015

Cat Ellington - As Featured On Other Websites

Happy Tuesday, My Dear Men And Women.
This Post Concerns A Number Of Websites Around The World Which Include Information About Me.
Highly Reputable As I'm Sure They All Are, I Must Say That It Is Impossible For Me To Know Of Every Site On Which Details About Me Appear. For There Are Now Dozens - Literally.

But To Answer, More In Detail, A Couple Of Emails That I Received Just Today, No. I Am Not Familiar With One Particular Site In Iraq That Has My Name And My Biography Listed, Ms. Rhea.
We Went To Visit That Site, But It's In Arabic. Traditional Arabic. I Did See What You Inquired About Though, What, That Being A 'Draft of Cat Ellington,' And Only IT Featured In English.

To Greg: The Encyclopedia Site Does Have My Song Catalogue Listed Under It's Copyright, But I Did Not Participate On 'WHAT LIES BENEATH.' My Name Is Credited, Yes, But It Is An Assumed Mistake.
(Good-Natured Laughter) I STILL Suspect That My Name Being There Is 'On Purpose.'
Someone Wants It To Be Believed That I Contributed To That Score, But I Did Not. I Had Nothing To Do With 'WHAT LIES BENEATH.'
Great Film Though. :)

Thank You Both For Your Emails And Inquiries.

Keepin' It Nice and Groovy,
iFelinity ;)