Oct. 20, 2015

Cat Ellington Makes Three Top Linkedin Lists

Greetings, My Dear Men And Women.
This Post Is To Inform That I Have Apparently Landed On Three Prominent LINKEDIN Lists.

These Three Top Lists Include:

* The Top 18 Single Songwriters On LinkedIn (#10)

* The Top 19 Songwriter/Composer/Poets On LinkedIn (#18)

* The Top 20 Multi-Genre Songwriters On LinkedIn (#16)

Rankings Stand As Of 10/19/2015.

Until Yesterday, I'd Been Unaware Of These Existing Lists. But I Do Thank, And Humbly So, Kenneth And The Entire Team At LINKEDIN For Their Contacting My Assistant, Timmy, With The Groovy News. Thank All Of You.

My Beloved Boys And Goyals? I. Am. Jet. Lagged. Like. A. Mo-Fo.
But Duty, As Far As Getting This Post Recorded Was Concerned, Called. Now It's Done.

(Fatigued Laughter)

Enjoy What's Left Of This Weekend, Babies.
Agapó Eseìs Óla.
That's Greek For 'Love Y'all.'
Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.

Ooooh ...Weeee...(Gasp!) ...CE ;)

Featured Language In Post: Greek

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