Sep. 14, 2015

The Complacent 'Adversary'

(Typin' Into The Post Laughin' - In Complete Awe)

So You Got The 'Memo,' Did You, Handsome Tech Giant?

(Still Laughin' - Greatly Impressed)

I Must Say, My Dear Man, That You Are A Most Elegant Individual. And You're Brilliant. And I Am In Awe Of You.

(Pausing - Unable To Control My Laughter)


You Left Yourself Wide-Opened This Morning, Tech Giant. But You Knew What You Were Doing. Didn't You? And If I May Say So Myself, You Did It In A Most Impressive Manner.
...I'll Admit That I Am A Woman Who Is Very Hard To Impress, So For That, What Your Creative Reply, You Now Have My Respect.

Wow. I Mean, Here I Was Believing You To Be A Boring 'Square,' When In Fact, You're Proven To Be The Exact Opposite.
That Move You Made Affected Me Like Catnip When I Happened Upon It This Morning, Tech Giant.
For It Brought Into Me A Level Of Excitement Only Few Have The Ability To Conjure Up.

(Pausing To Ponder - In Fascinated Awe)

The First Thing My Eyes Witnessed Was The 'Sleeve' That Caters To Those Who Are FANS Of Your 'House,' Which Obviously Only Served As A Response To My Distinctively Mentioning Fans Within A Post Dated Sep. 11, 2015, In Which You Were Addressed Personally.

And Then There Were A Few Others That Followed . . .
I Didn't Miss The 'Sleeve' With The Middle Finger Gesture, Tech Giant.
Now See, I Already KNEW That Once You'd Gotten Here To The 'Boutique Domain' And Unexpectedly Run Into That Post, That While Reading It, You Would Say, Either To Yourself Or Out Loud, 'F*** You, Cat.' I Knew It, But I Just Thought I Would Provide You With The Benefit of the Doubt, So I Didn't Include It.
As It Turns Out, However, You Were Thinking And/Or Saying 'F*** You, Cat' As You Were Reading That Post.

(Tsk, Tsk, Tsking While Shaking My Head Slowly)

Now You Should Be Careful What You Think And Speak, Handsome Tech Giant.

(Pausing - In A Fit Of Laughter Again)

Oh, I'm Not Done! I'm Not Done.
It Especially Got Juicy When I Scrolled Upon The 'Sleeve' With YOUR NAME On It.

(Pondering In Amusement)

I Was Already Onto Something With The 'Fans' 'Sleeve,' But When I Came To The One That Bore Your Name, That 'Something' Was Confirmed.

Dropping Hints, Are We, Handsome Genius?

(Snigglin' - Like A School Girl)

So Far We're Making Progress In This Little Fun-Filled Game Of Ours, Are We Not, Tech Giant?

It's On, Baby.
Because Now I Know That You Have It In You. You Can Hang With Me.
Congratulations . . .My Dear 'Brainiac.'

(Pausing -Still In Awe)


As You Well Know, Handsome Tech Giant, I Am A Woman of Many Hats. And I Now Symbolically Throw One Of Them Down In Your Honor.

You Wanna Know Why I'm So In Awe Of Your Little Move This Morning, Tech Giant?
Well Because It Was Something That I Would've Done. That's Why I'm In Such Awe Of It . . .
That's A Move I Would've Made.

It Was Too Smooth . . . Too Suave . . . Too Slick . . .
Too Unique . . . Too Creative . . .
. . .And Completely Admirable.

I Think That The Two Of Us Are Going To Be Good Friends, Tech Giant. And You Just May Turn Out To Be One Of My Dearest, Ever.

OR The Two Of Us Can Exists As Nemeses.
And If We Find Ourselves 'Corresponding' As Nemeses, I Can Assure You That The Fictitious Characters, 'Det. Bobby Goren' And 'Nicole Wallace' Of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Fame, Together, Wouldn't Be Able To Carry Our Travel Bags.
No. They Wouldn't Have A Damned Thing On The Two Of Us . . . Handsome Tech Giant.

(Staring At My Screen - Speechless)

You Personally Integrated Those 'Sleeves' Because You Knew That I Would See Them. Didn't You?
And You Especially Slid In The One With Your Name On It Because You Counted On My Seeing It. Didn't You?

Indeed, You're Quite The Smug One. Aren't You, Tech Giant?
I Mean, I Didn't Think That You Would Come Back At Me, But You Did. And You Did It In A Most Moving Fashion.

(Staring At My Screen - Picturing Your Pleasant Countenance)

You Even Added Some More Of Mariah's 'Flocks' To My List - Just To Screw With Me. Didn't You?

(Pausing - This Time In A Fit Of Body-Bouncin' Laughter)


Because THOSE Weren't There Before . . .Tech Giant.



Well. I Guess It's Game On. Am I Right, Tech Giant?

(Whispering) Bring It. This Post Counts As My Move.

. . .Your Move.

Agile and Graceful, Sleekly and Nimble -
Witty and Lively, Discerning, They're All Meee -
Ooh . . . iFelinity ;)

Dance of the Cosmos by Deep Cove Flowers -
Featured Courtesy of the Black Jaguar Music Company.