Sep. 13, 2015

The Quicksilver Plan

Indeed, This Is Yet Another Of My All-Time Favorite Scenes From A Movie, Ever!

God, It's Amazing. And Not Only That, But What Makes It Even More Superb Is That The Great Jim Croce's Classic Masterpiece 'Time In A Bottle' Plays Oh-So-Gracefully During It. Absolutely Stunning.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Is A Great, Great Film, My Beloved Men And Women.
Strickland And I Watched It For Like The 5th Time Last Night At Our Cottage, And Still We Couldn't Peel Ourselves From In Front Of The Screen.
(Laughs) We Had All Of Our Junk Food & Drinks Sprawled Out Before Us So We Wouldn't Have To Get Up. Damn. It's That Good. (Still Laughin')

Too Good. Bryan Singer, The Director, Put His Foot In This Picture! It Is Kick. @$$!

If You're A Fan Of The X-MEN Franchise, And You've Yet To See This, The 7th Of The Series, Take The Time To Do So. Because It Does Not Disappoint. It's Beautiful. All Of It.
But The Quicksilver Scene Is Without A Doubt My Favorite One Of The Entire Picture.

That Dude Is Bad, Babies!

Now Playing 'Time In A Bottle' - Just For The Pleasurable Heck Of It,
iFelinity ;)