Sep. 11, 2015

You Want Me To Dance For You?

Friday, September 11, 2015
5:12 P.M. CST

Before I Proceed With Today's Post, Allow Me To Remind You All, My Cherished Men And Women, That Once Again I Bring Before All Of You What Is Truth.
This Post Does Not Contain What Is False Or Delusional.

Peek-A-Booo . . . I Know Whooo . . . I Know Who You Are. In Fact, I've Known For Well Over Two Years Now. You Are One Of The Great Tech Giants Of This, The Internet Age. You Are A Man Of Great Prestige; Of A Great And Brilliant Mind - A Coding Genius. Respected, Even Highly So, Among Your Peers In The Tech Industry, You Are A Man Of Admirable Regard In The World.

Yet You Have Your Hostile Sights Set Upon Me, A Woman Whose Professional Calling On Earth Is In An Entirely Different Field From Your Own.
I Am An Artist In The Fields Of Music, Movies, Art and Literature, And You, My Dear Man, Are A Brilliant And Gifted Giant In The Tech World.

Now, I Ask Of You This: 'What Do I Represent To You? Do I Remind You Of Someone From Your Life (Past Or Present)?'

I Ask Of You This: 'Why Do You Allow Yourself To Be Tempted To Regard Me, A Complete Stranger, As An Enemy? What Harm Have I Done You?'

I Ask Of You This: 'Why Do You Burn In Your Loins With Desire Towards Me, Tech Giant?'

I Ask Of You This: Why Do You Obsessively Stalk Me All Over The Internet And Watch Me So Closely, Tech Giant?'

I Ask Of You This: 'Why Do You Hate And Fear Me On The One End, Yet Desire And Covet Me At The Other End, Double-Minded Tech Giant? Why Do You Hate What You Desire?'

You Know Who You Are. Don't You?
But More Importantly, I Know Who You Are.

YOU Handle My Account. Don't You? And In Your Hostility Towards Me, You've Made It Your Job To Hinder, Trouble And Botch My Account. Haven't You? Deliberately 'Stabbing' It - Not Thinking That Your Vindictive Actions Are Being 'Witnessed' And 'Accounted.'

YOU Handle My Profile. And Only YOU Could Have Integrated Some Of Mariah's Fans Onto My List . . .Evidently To Be Spiteful. It Was You. Wasn't It, Tech Giant? I Know It Was You. Because You've Been Handling My Profile, Unfortunately.

I Must Inform You, My Dear Man, That I Am NOT A Fan Of Mariah's Music.
But You Either Integrated Them Yourself, Or You Assigned Someone Else To Do It.
Regardless, Quite A Few Of Her Fans Were Suddenly Placed On My List IMMEDIATELY After I'd Posted Witnesses Here Which Addressed Her Personally.

See, What You Don't Seem To Understand, Tech Giant, Is This. My Interactions With The Woman Were Not Based On Business Or My Being A Fan Of Hers And Her Music, Which I Am Not. But Those Interactions Were Rooted In Both Hers And My PERSONAL Lives. The 'Connection' Has NOTHING To Do With Our Careers In The Entertainment Industry. THAT'S What You Failed To Understand, Tech Giant.
Did You Miss It? MC (God Love Her) Is MY #1 Fan. I Influence Her. Not The Other Way Around. So Members Of Her Fandom Should NOT Be Suddenly Appearing On My List. I Am NOT One Of Them. But Either You Or Someone Working Under You Integrated Them Onto My List Out Of Spite. For Me To Suggest 'Confusion' Would Be An Insult To The Word Itself. No. That Action Was Deliberate. And You Oversaw It. Didn't You?

Take Heed That No Sooner Than You Get Off Into Reading This Post, That A Jolt Will Surely Penetrate Your Spirit And Soul, As You Will Know For A Certainty That You Are It's Addressee, Tech Giant.
Because Only You've The Authority To Oversee My Account And My List.

However, This Post Is Not About That Woman And Her Fans. This Post Is About Your Unnecessary 'Grievance' Towards Me . . .Tech Giant.

Why Are You So Bitterly Angry With Me?
What Have I Done To Offend You?
Does My Being Who I Am Threaten Your Existence? You, A Man Of The World's Power Structure? Hmmm?

Obviously, I Both Trouble And Arouse You. Do I Not, Tech Giant?
You've Helped Build And Develop Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Companies And Apps, Yet You Obsess On Me, A Creative Woman Based In The Entertainment Industry And Art and Literary Fields.

(Snort Smirking)

Don't Worry. I Won't Reveal Your Identity . . .At Least Not At This Time.
Because See, I Can Just Feeel It, What, That You're Gonna Be A Ton of Fun To Jive With; A Juicy 'Morsel' For Me To Playfully 'Nibble' On. So For Now, I Won't Call You Out By Your Name, Tech Giant - Even Though I Know It's You Who's Sittin' Out There In That Tech House Deliberately Screwin' My Account Around.


Indeed, You're Gonna Be A Ball Of Fun To Play With. So I'm Gonna Play Wit'cha For Awhile . . .Tech Giant.

(Still Smiling)

You Know, If You Wanted To Get To Know Me, All You Had To Do Was Say, 'Hey, Cat. What's Up?'
I Wouldn't Have Replied Anything But, 'Hey, Tech Giant! How Ya Doin'? Oh, And By The Way, Congratulations On All Of Your Success In Business. Say, Look, If I'm Ever In The Silicon Valley On Business Or Whatever, Whaddaya Say You Buy Me One O' Those $25.00 Cappuccinos Out There?'
And All You Could've Said To That Was 'Yes' Or 'No.'
But Nahhh. You Prefer To Be Hostile Towards Me.

I Don't Bite Or Scratch. I Purr, Hecky Yeah, But I Don't Bite And Scratch.

Understand, Tech Man, That I Don't Go Through Life Making Enemies. I'm At Peace With Those Who're At Peace With Me. And In Most Cases, Even With Those Who Are Not.
But You Now . . .Well, You Regard Me As An Enemy Without A Just Cause - Save The Fact That I Run My Own 'Houses' And 'Piggy Banks' In Partnership With A Lot Of Hard Work. And With Much Nerve, I Happen To Be A Woman Doing It In A 'Male-Dominated' World - A 'World' You Tend To Prefer. Am I Not Right, Tech Giant?

(Shakin' My Head And Chucklin')

Right About Now, Your 'Manhood' Has 'Hardened' 'Itself' Against You. Am I Right, Tech Giant?

In Fact, You Would Rather Have A Woman Like Me At Your Feet - That I Would Be Forced To 'Look Up' To You - A Man Of Great Prominence And Worldly Power. Wouldn't You, Tech Giant?

Ah Yes. You're Gonna Be Fun To Jive Around With, Tech Giant.
See, I'm Quite Used To Men Like Yourself, What, Men In Power; Authorative Men. Such Men Are My History In Life - Most Of Them Platonic, Only A Couple Of Them Romantic -
So You Don't Faze Me, Tech Giant.

You're The Kind Of Man Who Wants 'Certain Types' Of Women To Be In Submission To You. Aren't You, Tech Giant?

(Girlish Laughter)

Let's Play, Tech Giant.
But If You Turn Out To Be Borrrring, I'll Dismiss You Quickly.
However, If You're Adventurous And Fun-Loving And Free-Spirited And Full Of Life (NOT Repressed), Oh, Then I'll Be Able To Hang Wit'cha, Tech Giant.

It's That Sagittarian In Me, Ya Know?
Don't Bore Me, Tech Giant.

(Laughin', Good-Naturedly)

I Don't Pay Any Attention To You Because I Have My Own Life And Business To Tend To, But I'd Bet A Big Brain That There's Not A Woman On Earth Whom You Couldn't Have If She Knew You Wanted Her. Now Is There, Tech Giant?
Except Me, Cat Ellington, Of Course.

(Throaty Laughter)

But That's Only Because I've Already 'Jumped The Broom' With Another Fella.
On The Other Hand, If I Were A Stray, Oh, I'd Follow You Home . . .And Rub And Purr Up Against Ya . . .Sit In Ya Lap . . .Lick Mahself In Front O' Ya. . .Curl Up Next To Ya In Bed . . .Ya Know, All The Things Cats Like To Do.

(Serious Now)

Tech Giant? You're Much Too Handsome And 'Successful' To Be So Angry, Bitter And Malicious. For Now, I'll Save You Your Dignity.
But If You Continue To Allow Yourself To Do What Is Ungodly To Me And To My Account, I'll Address You By Your Name. If Not That, I'll Call Out Your 'House' And Every Member Of It's Departmental Staffs As A Whole, That The Peoples Will Know The Truth.

(Symbolically Speaking In A Whisper) Then Everyone Will Know Our 'Little Secret.'

(Half Smiling)

If You Must Be The One Handling My Account, See That You Do So Without Any 'Bias,' Tech Giant.

And Remember This About Me: I've Nothing To Lose Where You're Concerned. If Push Comes To Shove, I'll Just Turn And Walk Away From It, By Way Of Account Deactivation, Because I Was, By The Grace Of Father God Almighty, Cat Ellington Doing What I Do Before He Allowed You To Bring Yours Into Being On This Earth Of His, And I'll Still Be Cat Ellington Doing What I Do If He Commands For Yours To Be Removed From Off The Face Of His Earth Today Or Tomorrow.

Always Remember That . . .Handsome Tech Giant.

Representin' The Feline Kind Like No Other,
'Puss'n Boots' ;)

'The Graceful Cat Dancing' by Kudryashka
Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

. . . M'Yowww