Sep. 5, 2015

Post Updates/Holiday Weekend Well Wishes

Howdy, My Dearest Men And Women. Y'all Groovy? That's Good, Babies.
This Post Is To Inform That There Are Asterisk-Marked Updates On Those Posts Dated, August 2, 2015 & August 25, 2015.

Aside From That Small Bit Of Information, I Would Like To Wish All Of You A Fun-Filled Holiday Weekend.

Remember, My Beloved, That If You're Planning On Gettin' Real Tipsy This Labor Day Weekend, See That You Have A Designated Driver In Your Company - That Is If You're Going To Be Out And About. Now If You're Just At Home Turnin' It Up, Well Hell, All Ya Gotta Do Is Go Straight To Bed And Sleep It Off. Right? But Make Sure You Gotchaself Some Icy Cold 7-Up Or Ginger Ale Atcho Bedside Fuh Yo' Hangover In The Mawnin'.


Y'all Cookin'? Barbecuein'? Orderin' Out? Hey, Whatever Have You, Enjoy It, Babies. We All Have A Right To Live Our Lives On Earth To The Fullest. Knock Yourselves All The Way Out.

Me? Well, I'm In The State of Minnesota Right Now. And The Weather Here Is Currently Hot And Humid - But Only Until Monday, Babies. After That, The Chilly Autumn Weather Will Come And Kick The Meteorological Door In. And Yours Truly Can't Wait! I LOVE AUTUMN! And I Absolutely Love Autumn Weather. I Get Jacked Up When September And October Roll Around. I Swear I Do.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry This Holiday Weekend, Babies. My (3) Kiddens And I Will Be Grillin' Veggie Burgers And Making S'mores Over Our Fire Pit. Hey, Nothin' Like Fire Pit Grillin' Out In Cool Autumnal Weather, Babies.

(More Laughs)

If You're In Minnesota And Attending The Minnesota State Fair, Shooood, Eat Hearty And Have A Ball! Devour As Many Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Snickers Bars And Cheese Curds And Elephant Ears (One Of My Personal Favorites) And Ears Of Corn on the Cob And Deep Fried Kale Balls And Walleye Fillets on a Stick And Pineapple Upside Down Cakes on a Stick And Deep Fried Cheerios on a Stick And Cherry Pies on a Stick And Cheeseburgers & French Fries on a Stick And Buckets Of Popcorn And Other Edibles As Ya Can.


Stay In Love, My Beautiful Men And Women. And Be Tremendously Blessed. Because Y'all Have Every Right To Be. Love Y'all.

Smooch, Smooch, Hey, I Ain't No Pooch. I Am Theee Puss'n Boots.
I Am Theee . . .Feliniteee ;)

Watercolor Illustration of the Poppy Flower Courtesy of the Great Ateli