Aug. 29, 2015

Cat Ellington -Songwriter Added To

Happy Friday To All Of You, My Most Beloved Men And Women.
This Post Is To Inform That I Was Apparently Added To, Under The Category Of Music, On August 27, 2015.

I Have Already Visited The Site To Check It Out. And Once Again, I Didn't Know. I Had No Idea That I Was On This Particular Site Until Today.

There Is, However, A Small Little Mix-Up: The Bio Of The Late, Great Cat Anderson, Who Was The Great Duke Ellington's Trumpeter, Is In The Section Where My Bio Should Appear. So My Assistant Is Working To Get The Honest Mistake Corrected.

It Happens. And Hopefully They'll Have My Photo And Bio Up Shortly.

So, My Loves, Apart From That Small Bit Of Confusion, Yours Truly Is Now In The Famous People Photo Gallery At

It's Friday, Babies!
Do The Damn Thang Like Ya Mean It.
Do The Damn Thang,
And Don't Take No Isht.
Get Down Wit' The Get Down,
And Spread Plenty O' Love Around.
White As The Driven Snow,
Or Black As The Ace of Spades,
Cherish One Another
My Dearest People,
Because Every Single One Of Us,
Father God Himself Has Made.
Casting All The Jive Aside,
Live Your Lives And Take It All In Stride.
Lord, Have Mercy,
Lord, I Praaay:
Please Don't Let Me Git Too Lit
On This Groovy, Groovy Fridaaay --
Heyyyy . . .

(Uproarious Laughter)

Just Making It Up As I Go Along, Babies.
Just Making It Up As I Go Along . . .

(Still Laughing)

There Is Poetry In The Beauty Of The Peony:
For It Is Decorated In Radiance.
Colored In Brilliance.
Adorned In Elegance.
And Caressed In Aromatic Fragrance.

Needless To Say That, For These Remarkable Reasons, I Have Chosen A Beautiful Watercolour Of The Peony Flower To Lead This Post.

Enjoy This Friday And The Rest Of The Weekend, Babies.
Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Wet 'n Sloppy.

Java, Cheese, Wine and Sushi,
Heh, That's All Me - iFelinity ;)

Watercolour Illustration of the Peony Flower By Holly Exley.