Aug. 8, 2015

Smile, You Son Of A BOOOOM! Pt. 1

Ohhh! Awww Sheeesh!

My Dear Men And Women? I'm Hereta Tell Y'all . . . I'm Hereta Tell Y'all That It Simply Don't Get No Betta Than The Ones Of This Like.

The Original Poster For The Cinematic Masterpiece, JAWS, Is Once Again In The Possession Of Yours Truly.

What I Mean By 'Once Again' Is That I'd Owned The Original Poster Many, Many Years Ago, But I'd Fallen On Hard Times, And The Bulk Of My Earthly Possessions Gathered Themselves Together And Abandoned Me. And Those Possessions Had Included My First Original Poster.

But Another Of It's Like Has Been Issued To Me - In Mint Condition, Babies. And I'm So Jacked Up About It That I Couldn't Keep It To Myself. I Had To Share It Here.

I Remember When My Mama Took My Big Brother Ray And Me To See The Movie At The Chicago Theater - Back When It Had Been A Movie Theater - And Laying My Eyes On The Poster, For The First Time, As It Hung Framed On The Lobby's Walls. Y'all, I Wanted It So Bad. And Some Years Later, I Purchased It.

Here We Go Again. (Smiling, All Teeth)

I Got It Again, Babies. And I'm So Grateful. I'm So Grateful, Y'all.

I Will Not Stop Searching Until I Find The Best Frame That I Can For It . . . BUT, And That's A Great Big Ol' But, I Will Not Frame This One Until I Get Mr. Spielberg's 'John Hancock' On It.

Heh. See, Since I'm Laying Up Wit' A Director, I Figure I Gotta Easier Shot At Gettin' Hold To That Autograph, Ya Know?

(Snigglin' Sneakily And Slowly Noddin' My Head In A 'Yeah, Das How Ya Do Dat' Gesture)

I'm Gonna Get Mr.Spielberg's Hancock On This Artful Poster Before I Frame It, Babies.

And Now I Leave You All, My Dear Men And Women, With One Of My All-Time Favorite Movie Lines:

'Smile, You Son Of A BOOOOM!'

Enjoy What's Left Of This Groovy Weekend, Babies.

Cat ;)