Aug. 1, 2015

Feature Film Production Stills Coming Soon

Good Saturday Morning, My Dearest Guests. This Post Is To Inform That A Dedicated Page Listing Has Been Added To My 'Registry' Here At The 'Boutique Domain.'
And The Page, Listed Under 'Production Stills,' Will Serve As The Canvas For Our Production Stills And Press Clippings.
My Husband's Set Photographer, Dinah Mileris, Is The Accredited.
Many Of Our Stills Have Been Vaulted, In Order To Keep Them Preserved, But I Now Have The First Book, And We Will Begin Their Features Soon.
Because We're Currently On Business In Another State And All Of Our Gears Are In Chicago, It's Taking A Little Longer Than It Normally Would For Us To Receive Certain Archived Press Interviews. But I Will Feature Them As They Become Available To Us. I Do Have The Strickland Interviews With SCREEN Magazine And The Chicago Defender, However, And Will Feature Those Right Away.
I Do Expect The 'Production Stills' Page To Be A Bit More Lengthy, But Thus Far, I've Only Reserved A Number Of (17) Frames.
Oh, This Is Gonna Be Fuuun!
Keep Watch, My Dear Men And Women.
And Treat This Weekend Accordingly - That Means Make It A Stone Groove.


Happy Birthday To The Beautiful Adam Duritz.
The Counting Crows, Duuude.

He's One Grooovy Leo, Bayyybeee.
He's So Beautiful To Meee.
He's The One And Only Rain King.
I Want Him To Sing . . .
. . .To Sing 'I Dream Of Michelangelo' To Meee.
(Oh, I Can Go On And On . . . God, I Love That Man.)