Jul. 31, 2015

Why YOU So Obsessed With ME

Update On Friday, July 31, 2015 At 10:22 P.M. CST

My Dear Men And Women? The Post Below Had Been Necessary That It Would Serve To Shed Light On A Loathsome Situation. And I Have Done My Job In Bringing The Truth To My Public In This Matter.
The Post Below Obviously Contains Sections Where The Use Of Strong Language Had Been Mandatory. And If It Causes Anyone Offense, I Beg Your Pardon.

My Dear Men And Women? There Is Not, Within The Post, Any False Witness, But Only What Is Truth. And This Truth Have I Brought To All Of You.

If My Only Creative Hat Was That Of Songwriting, Say In Only A Genre Or Two Or Three, Then Some Of You Would Probably Never Hear Of Me, As I Would Be A Bit More Obscure. But Since The Lord God, Who Granted The Blessed Gift In The First Place, Has Commanded For Me To Work In (2) Dozen Genres Of Music, That Distinction Alone Brings A Bit More Recognition Than What Would Be Considered Traditional.
Now, In Addition To The Music Industry, I'm Also Commanded To Work In The Motion Picture Industry. And I'm Also Commanded To Work In The Fields Of Art And Literature. And Under The Guidance Of The Holy Spirit, I Do My Jobs. And I Mind My Own Business. But When There Is Someone Else Constantly In My Business And Being An Evil Trial To Me, Then That Has To Be Addressed. And As You All Will Witness In The Following Post, Such Thorny Situations Have To Be Addressed And Shut Down By Way Of Divine Rebuke. And In This Loathsome Case, I Was Commanded To Rebuke The Evil Situation, As Well As The Troubled Individual Through Whom It Came About.
In This Case, I Did My Job, My Dear Men And Women.

Thank Y'all For Understanding. I Appreciate Y'all - Whomever Y'all May Be.

Cat Ellington

Why YOU So Obsessed With ME?
Post Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015
12:31 P.M. CST

Greetings, My Dear Men And Women.

Before I Get Off Into The Reason For This Post, Allow Me To Mind You All That Within It, I Do Not Intend To Project Any Form Of Negative Pride, Or Arrogance, Or Ego (Even Though I Work In Show Business, And We All Tend To Have Egos To Some Degree Or Other), Or Malice, Or Hatred, Or What Many May Call 'Shade.' Neither Do I Post In A Spirit Of Envy, Or Of Jealousy, Or Of Intimidation. I Mind You All, My Dear Men And Women, That It Would Take A LOT To Arouse ANY Of Those Aforementioned Emotions In Me.

But My Intention, In Relevance To This Post, Is Only To Speak, Via It, What Is Truth, Even If There May Be Some Out There Who Will Be Unable To Handle It.

To The Individual Who Is The Targeted Subject Of Both This Post And It's Headline, I Ask This Question: Do You Not Think That I'm Witnessing Your Cheap And Pathetically Self-Hating Actions In Mimicking Me And My Creative Presentations Here At My Virtual Location? And Not Only Those, But My Communicative Expressions As Well? Do You Not Believe That I See Your Envious, Thieving Mimicry Of Me?

In Fact, I've Taken Note Of My Obvious 'Influence' On You For Over The Last (3) Years Now. And I've Noted It Well. The Peoples, They LOVE To Exalt You And Declare That You Are Only Above And Never Beneath, In So Many Words, Yet You CONSTANTLY 'Copy,' Steal And Mimick EVERYTHING That I Do, Even ALL Of My Creative Presentations That I Share With My Public Here At My Web Location. You Come Behind EVERYTHING That I Say And Do. But According To Those Members Of YOUR Public, Not To Mention A Few Of Those In The Media, You're All That And A Bag Of Doritos. Yet You Come Behind And Copy Everything That I, Cat Ellington, Say And Do.

Obviously, I Inspire You. Do I Not? Do I Not, 'Marie Antoinette?'

So Many People Wanna Act Like They Don't Know Who Cat Ellington Is, But I Know Good And Damn Well They Do. And 'They' Would Include Yourself. Especially You. You Know Me. And I Wish You Would EVER Publicly Say Of Me, 'I Don't Know Her.' I Wish You Would Ever.

'They' Know Who I Am And So Do You. Because If You Didn't, You Wouldn't Constantly Come Behind Me, Mimicking My Creative Presentations And Professional Résumé.

Not That I'm Threatened, Because, As I'd Stressed Earlier, It Would Take A Lot To Threaten Me. But I'm Aware.

Under These 'Noted' Circumstances, I'm The Originator, And You? The Imitator. Therefore You Are Not A Threat To Me, On Any Level. But I'm Aware Of My Obvious Influence On You.

Don't Think I'm Stupid. Or Gullible Just Because I Never Said Anything.

You Need To Understand Something, Madam. When Father God Almighty Designed My Creative Coat, He Didn't Intend For It To Fit Anyone But Me. Just The Same As When He Designed Your 'Coat, ' It Was Not Fit To Wear Well Upon Another. But For Some Reason, Madam, You Keep Looking COVETEOUSLY At My 'Coat, ' Which Brings ME Honor, Instead Of Just Being Comfortable And At Peace In Your Own 'Coat.' Don't Think It's Not Obvious When It Is.

I'd Have Mo' Respect For You If You Simply Gave Props And Acknowledged My Influence/Inspiration. But You Won't Because Pride And Lying And Denying Would Never Allow You To.

In Fact, You REFUSE To Even Speak To Me. You Can't Even Bring Yourself To Say, 'Hey, Girl. Wassup?' You Refuse To Even Speak To Me, Yet You Come Behind 99%, If Not A Full 100, Of EVERY-FUCKING-THING That I Say And Do - And Think It's Not Being Witnessed.

You Visit My Location Here Religiously. Not That I Can See You Visiting Or Read Your Name On Anything, But My Proof Is Evident In Your Actions. I Truly Don't Know Who Visits This Site, And To Be Honest, I Don't Care Because It's A PUBLIC Domain. ANY Members Of The Worldwide Public, Whenever They Please, Have A Right To Visit Here. I Don't Need To Know Their Identities; It's Unnecessary. But I KNOW That You Visit Often Because Every Time I Post, You Come Right Behind Me, Copying My Updates. THAT'S How I Know You're Here Religiously. But If Offered Good Money To Tell The Peoples Anything About Your Site, I Wouldn't Get The Cash, Because I Don't Know And I Don't Give A Damn. I Don't Visit Your Website.

I Do Not Witness Falsely Against You, Madam.

Things That You NEVER--In A Quarter Of A Century--Showed Any Interests In, All Of A Sudden You Do Now, Including Drawings, Paintings, 'Modeling,' Being An Author, Suddenly A 'Director' - I Guess As An Answer To My Being A Casting DIRECTOR - etc., etc. It Has Become Your Obsession To Copy, Mimick And Mirror My Professional Résumé. Has It Not?

You Have Ignored Me, Conducted Yourself Evilly And Maliciously Towards Me, Talked About Me Like A Dog To Your Sycophantic Ass Associates, Deliberately Deleted My Tweets From Your Timeline, Did Everything That You Could Do To Humiliate Me In Some Form Or Fashion, etc. All Because I Testified To You That I Stand In My Faith On This Earth And Live In The Truth, No Matter HOW Flawed I Am In This Human Flesh. Not Because I've Ever Done Evil To You.

All I Did Was Spoke The Truth To You Because I Care About You. But You Couldn't Handle It. And I Told You, Over (2) Years Ago, That I Was The Last Woman On The Earth You Wanted To Pull A Diva Out Of Your Ass On. But You Pulled A Diva Out Of Your Ass On Me Anyway. You Did All That, Yet You STILL Copy Everything I Say And Do. So, From Now On, If You Continue To Mimick My Creative Expressions, And I Witness It, I Will Refer To You As 'CopyCat.' 'CopyCat' Will Be The Moniker Of My Choice Where You're Concerned.

No One Has A Monopoly On Anything. We're All Inspired By Something Or Someone. But In This Case, YOU Have Deliberately Not Acknowledged ME. You Have Pretended, Before Your Lying And Delusional Ass Public, Not To Know Me, Yet I Serve As Your Biggest Inspiration And Influence. Do I Not? Obviously I Do. And If You Ever Publicly Deny My True Witness Here, You Will Be Shut Down And Exposed To Be A Liar.

It's A Shame, Even A Damn Shame, That Any And Everybody But Cat Can Get A 'Hello' From You. Yet Cat Is The Only One--The Main One--That You Run Your Ass Behind, 'Under The Influence' Of The Honor That God Himself Has Given Me.

There Ain't A Man Or Woman On Earth Who Can Accuse Cat Ellington, That's Me, Of Being Envious, Or Jealous-Hearted, Or A 'Hater' And Be Telling The Truth. Because My Own Personal Trials Are Not In Those Particular Areas. My Trials Are In Other Areas. I'm The First Person Who Would Build Somebody Up If God Gave 'Em Great Talents And Abilities. I Would Be Among The First To Lavish Them With Compliments. Envy Of Or Towards Others Is Not My Trial. So Before You Or Any Of Your Sycophants Even ALLOW Such Thoughts To Enter Into Your Delusional Minds, It Would Be Well For Y'all To Rebuke Such Thoughts Quick, Because I Hate Not, I Envy Not, And I'm Jealous Not - Especially Not When I'M The One Being Mimicked.

Understand This, Madam, That Even If You Were--On The Physical Surface--A Combination Of Kenya Moore, First Lady LisaRaye McCoy, Naomi Campbell, Vivica A. Fox, Halle Berry, Denise Vasi, And Lela Rochon-Fuqua (And That Would Be Some Serious Physical Beauty), You STILL Wouldn't Be Able To Rouse Up No Jealousy In Me. If Anything I'd Inquire Of What Your Beauty Secrets Are Out Of Admiration And Awe Because I KNOW Who I Am, And What The Lord Has Given Me. I'm Cat Ellington. . .For A Reason . . .Madam.

And I Happen To Love Me. Not In An Arrogant Or Vain Sense, But, Rather, In A Spirit Of Truth. And I'm At Peace In My Physical Body. But You're Obviously Not In Yours. Cease Coming Behind Me Because There's Only ONE Me. Just Like There's Only One You. Don't Show Your Ass On Me - Such As You Have For Over (3) Years - Only To Come Behind Me Copying And Mimicking Everything That I Do And Say - Including My Professional Résumé.

I Guess Now You'll Say That You're An 'Art Model' Too, Huh? Am I Right, 'Marie Antoinette'? You Wanna Be Perceived As Me So Bad, Don'tcha?

Considering Your Hateful Actions Towards Me, Your Imitation Of Me And Of My Life Is NOT A Form Of Flattery, Madam; It Is Simply Pathetic.

If You Act Sloppy, I'll Treat You Like You're Sloppy. If You Act Triflin', I'll Treat You Like You're Triflin'. If You Act Like An Enemy, I'll Treat You Like An Enemy. And If You Show Yourself Disapproved By Pulling A Diva Out Of Your Ass On Me, While At The Same Time Trying To Squeeze Into My Blessed, Creative Coat, I'll Expose You.

Don't Try To Remake Yourself Into A Carbon Copy Of Me.

Your Latest Media Ventures Were The Last Straw. Your Mimicking My Credentials And My Life Had Been Allowed Over The Last (3) Years, But Your Latest, Miserable Efforts Were The Last Straw.

Now Don't Have Me Return To Twitter, After A Four-Month Absence, Just To Call You Out. Because I Will. And You Know I Will. I Will Call You Out By Your Name, Via Tweet, And Quadruple Dare Your Childish Ass 'Flocks' To Break Forth Upon Me, That They Should Strive To Defend Honor You Do Not Have.


For If Such A Situation Should Arise, I Will, As Surely As A Single Day Is 24-Hours Long, Rebuke Every Single One Of Them, Not To Mention You, As Their Fake Ass 'Queen,' In The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ And Him Crucified.


The REAL Lamb.

Don't Think I Don't Know That My Mentioning My Inspirations Of Monet And Rembrandt, Where Ateli's Paintings Here At My Domain Are Concerned, Didn't Inspire Your 'Marie Antoinette.'

Don't Seek To Compete With Me Because You Will Surely Lose. How Do I Know This? Well, Because You Keep Coming Behind Me, Mimicking. I've Yet To Come Behind Anything Of Yours. So Obviously I've Been Given Something--By The Lord God Himself--That You Covet And Do Not Have.

As I've Told You Before, So Will I Tell You Again Now. There Is Not A Female Alive On The Earth, Aside From My Mother And My Daughter, That I Love The Way I Do You. And I Wouldn't Have A Dollar You Couldn't Get Fifty Cents Of, But If You Show Your Ass On Me Without A Just Cause, I'll Tear You Up With The Truth.

Understand This, That I Will Never Have A Roof Over My Head, Even If It Were A Shack, Where You And Your Two Beautiful Babies Wouldn't Be Able To Lay Your Three Heads, Or Be Made Welcome To The Food And Drinks Therein. But If You Pull A Diva Out Of Your Silly Ass On Me, I'll Rip You Up With The Truth.

I Told You, I Don't Care Whether You're Well-Known Or Unknown, Rich Or Poor, Overweight Or Emaciated, Wearing Shoes On Your Feet From The House of Louboutin Or Payless, Scented In Chanel No°5 Or Some Dollar Store Fragrance, I'd Be A True Friend To You Still. But If You Show Your Ignorant Ass On Me, Just Out Of Spite, I'll Tear Your Ignorant Ass Up With The Truth.

My Last Pair Of Panties I'd Give You If You Really Needed 'Em, But If You Pull A Triflin' Diva Out Of Your Ass On Me, I'll Flush That Bitch Down First, Then Wipe Your Ass With The Truth.

Whether You're On The Arm Of A Billionaire Or The Arm Of A Gentleman Sitting In A Welfare Office Applying For State Aid, You Would Still Receive True Love From Me. But You're Wrong As Two Left Shoes.

Be Yourself And Learn To Love Yourself. Then Others Will Be Able To Truly Love You.

You Needn't Allow Fear, Self-Hatred And Low Self-Esteem To Consume You.

If You've Something Against Me, Perhaps You Ought Not Visit My Domain Here. Just Stay Away From It And Go Your Way In Peace. Go Your Way In Peace.

But You Simply Can't Bring Yourself To Do That Because You Know Better. Don't You?

My Dear Men And Women? I Don't Have A Problem With Anyone Finding Inspiration In Anything That I Do, Because I Have Those Who Inspire Me In Many Ways.

But I Do Have A Problem With Someone Who Knows Me, Even Though They Absolutely Refuse To Acknowledge Me, Having Had Allowed Themselves To Be An Evil And Hateful Trial Unto Me, Consistently 'Stealing' From My Creative Presentations Without Shame. Because The Idea Is For That Same Individual To Try To Wear My 'Coat.' And Such A Person Will ALWAYS Fail, Because That Particular 'Honor' Was Not Given To Them. For Such A Person Is Sadly Misguided And Full Of Envy And Self-Hatred.


Especially One Who Is Regarded In The World As Being All That And Then Some. There Is Absolutely NO Truth To That.

So As It Is In The Case Of This Post's Subject Matter.
Stay In Your Own Lane And Out Of Mine, Lest You Be Brought To Shame.

If You're All That 'They' Say You Are, Then Back It Up. Don't Run Behind Cat Ellington, Mimicking.

Be Original, Even If You Are Inspired, And Spin It To Your Own Unique Presentation. Don't Keep Copying Me. Especially Not When You Prefer To Pretend I Don't Exist.

In The Final Word Of This Post, I Say This To You, Madam: If You Do Not Care To Have My Eyes Continuously Witnessing Your Shameful Mimicry Of Me And My Life, Especially On Twitter, Since It Is Where I Have One Of My Last Remaining Social Accounts, I Would Strongly Advise That You Impose A Block Upon Me There.


And I Would Strongly Advise That You Do So Immediately.


Photo Credit: Cat Obsession at The Great Cat.
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