Jul. 21, 2015

Watercolors by Ateli© Are Now On Display At The 'Boutique Domain'

What It Is, My Beloved Men And Women . . .

This Post Is To Inform That 'The Boutique Domain' Is Now Featuring The Elegant Watercolor Paintings Of Ateli, Which Are Being Impeccably Exhibited On The Vast Majority Of The Domain's 'Wall' Space.

The Stylish Ateli Has Provided The Black Jaguar Music Company, Owner Of The 'Boutique Domain,' With This Exclusive Collection Of Some Of The Artisan's Most Gloriously Created Watercolor Paintings In A Simply Divine Array Of Floral Varietals, That They Could 'Hang,' Splendidly, From The Glossy Whitewashed 'Walls' Of The 'Boutique Domain' In A Wonderfully Ornate Fashion - Bringing A More Magnificent Beauty To It's Interial Overview.

Again, These Phenomenally Delicate Works of Art, Dainty And Intensely Spectacular In Their Presentation, Are Now On Display To The 'Boutique Domain's' Viewing Public, Invariably.


My Dearest Men And Women? Be Blessed By The Best.
Eat, Drink And Be Merrier Than Mary J. - Y'all Read What I Say?
And Keep Life On The Mooove . . . While Makin' It A Stone Grooove.

FYI: I Will Reapply My Genre Drawings Once We've Completed The 'Washing' Process.The Artworks Will Be Featured On The Following Pages Listed In The 'Registry': The Artworks I And The Artworks II.

Watercolors by Ateli© Are Published Under The License Agreement.
Watercolors by Ateli© Are Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

Purina Cat Ciao, Babies.

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