Jul. 11, 2015

Genre Collection Drawings To Be 'Laundered'

Mah Baluvit Mens 'N' Wemin? Is Da Weekin. An' If Y'all Kno' Me, Y'all Allredy Kno' Ahm Gon' Acka Fool Ohna Weekin.
So Dis Whas Goin' Ohn:
Ahm Fissina Git Redyda Tayk Deeze Jawnra Drawins Down So Ah Kin Washem, So Dat Daya Be Kleena An' Bryta An' Uh, Jus'-Lyke-Newww.
Ahm Gon' Be Stahhrtin Da Prosess Rill Soon, So Y'all Jus' Be Kynna Payshent Wit'cha Gurrrl. Ahight?


Hello, My Dearest Guys And Gals.
I'm Doin' A Lot Of Work Here At 'The Boutique Domain,' Including Template Updates, Drawing 'Washes,' BJMC Page Text Field Updates, Poetry Transfers, etceterahhh. Hard Work Has Always Been One O' My Buddy-Ol'-Buddy-Ol'-Pals, And With A Fierce Passion For It, I'm Doin' The Daggone, I Mean Damn Thang!
Stay In Love, Gents And Laidehs.
And Make Life A Stone Groove, Behbehs.

In The Spirit Of A Bona-Fide Jive Talka,
Meyow ;)

Featured "Language" In Post: Ebonics