Jul. 8, 2015


Good Hump Day Evening, My Beloved Sirs And Madames.

This Post Is To Inform That My Editor (Stephen) And I Have Taken Care Of The 'Clean-Up' Process On My Works Of Poetry, Which I Am Featuring Here At 'The Boutique Domain,' Via The MY POETRY IN MOTION Page. We Are Now In The Process Of Adding The Productions To Their New Dedicated Page; The Work Should Be Completed By Week's End.

Inspired By The Lilium:

Lilies, Lilies,
They're So Pretty,
Fresh And Frilly,
How They Thrill Me. Oooh . . .

Lilies, Lilies,
They Have Beauty,
And They Smell
Just Like Chantilly. Ahhh . . .

Photo Credit: The Stargazer Lily By Kenny Grooms