Apr. 15, 2015

Cat Ellington Slips (3) Notches To #4 Spot On Celebrity Link Top 30

The Legendary Tom Petty Sings The Lyrics To One Of His Recorded Masterpieces: 'What Goes Up . . . Must Come Down . . .'

Indeed, TP Sings What Is Truth . . . And TP Sings It Well. Case In Point: My Short-Lived Tenure In The #1 Spot Of The Celebrity Link Top 30. This Week, According To The List, I've Slipped Down (3) Notches To The #4 Spot. But Hey, It Had Been A Stone Groove While It Lasted . . . Even If It Waaas For Only One Week. ;)

FYI: Celebrity Link Publishes It's Weekly List Of The Most Popular Celebrities Based On Those Whose Profiles Are The More Frequently Visited.