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Apr. 6, 2021

The QPIP team on Google: Quill Pen Ink Publishing, home of the prolific Cat Ellington Literary Collection, is honored to present Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 8! Tinted in a concentrated lacquer of Concord Grape, the dialogue continues the tradition of our founder Cat Ellington: comprehensive—and distinctive—literary criticism.

Me: Well alright! (Laughs)

My happy place is, indeed, in the world of words with the pen and blank page. Honestly, I could stay in that place forever and ever. As always, I had too much fun writing this next release in the Reviews by Cat Ellington series. And I look forward to its publication.
On we go!

• Coming February 2023
• Flower artwork by: High Definitions
• See the book trailer for Vol. 8 (under Concord Grape) on the Book Trailers page - here at the Boutique Domain

Mar. 12, 2021

QUILL PEN INK PUBLISHING: As the Cat Ellington Literary Collection continues to evolve, we are honored to present "Strike a Prose: A Framework of Memories and Commentaries in Poetry." Featuring previously unpublished material - in addition to the books of "More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech" and "Memoirs in Gogyohka," this distinctive edition is painted in Watercolors by Ateli: an array of florals in vivid shades and full blooms.
Strike a Prose, in Rosé, is a perfect collector's edition for poetry lovers.

Me, CE: Heh, Nicky "Knick-Knack," and the gang at QPIP have said it. Need I say more? Why, of course. A few of my older works, like "The Abusive Marriage," are also included in the collection. That's all.

• Strike a Prose: A Framework of Memories and Commentaries in Poetry
Publication: 01 January 2022
Publisher: Quill Pen Ink Publishing
Format: eBook | Paperback
Cover tint: Rosé

Feb. 8, 2021

QUILL PEN INK PUBLISHING: Quill Pen Ink Publishing founder Cat Ellington (uh, c'est moi), in her professional capacity as a published author and book reviewer, makes her third consecutive appearance in the famous Book Reviewer Yellow Pages! The 10th Edition of the Pages, authored by the highly-respected David Wogahn, is in stores now.

• PartnerPress; 10th Edition (November 14, 2020)

ME: Many thank yous to David and the entire publishing department at PartnerPress! I am honored to be featured, yet again, in your fine publications.

Jan. 25, 2021

Quill Pen Ink Publishing presents The Five-Star Review: A Collection of Cat Ellington’s Top-Rated Book Reviews from 1981-2021. The alphabetized assemblage spans 40 years of Cat Ellington’s work as a critic of literature.

• Coming December 2021
The Five-Star Review: A Collection of Cat Ellington's Top-Rated Book Reviews from 1981-2021
Publisher: Quill Pen Ink Publishing
Publication: 2021
749 pages

Ooh, I had TOO much fun with this one! Hehe... And I'm looking forward to its release. ;)

Jan. 25, 2021

We are proud to announce that Cat Ellington's More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington has joined the Indie Illinois Family! It's so great to be home! Thanks, Shannon!

• Indie Illinois - BiblioBoard Library
Ellington, Cat. More Imaginative Than Ordinary. Quill Pen Ink Publishing, 2019. Accessed January 21, 2021