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Sep. 23, 2020
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Greetings all! The song synopses for "I Do," "The Book Of Us," "I'm Still In Love," "Something In Your Eyes," and "Gett Out" are now available for viewing on the SONG SYNOPSES page here at the Boutique Domain.
The aforementioned works all appear on the forthcoming motion picture soundtrack to "Dual Mania." Stay tuned for release date details! :)


Aug. 6, 2020

(Smiles) ...

Just when I thought that "Kilmister," my hard-rockin' ode to the late, great (and legendary) Lemmy would be the first release from the Heavy Metal collection of my song catalog, Joe Strickland comes along in need of a metal piece for the "Dual Mania" original motion picture soundtrack. And he loved a certain work that I was not yet done writing so much, that he insisted I finish it and hand it over to him for placement on the soundtrack; hence, "Gett Out."

(Still smiling) ...

Singing out the first half of the structure, I gave Strickland the feeling of the grinding piece. And after he tossed in a few words in the final section, "Gett Out," a title favored by Strickland, was ready to be produced. And produced it we did. The song is now slated to be the first release from the Heavy Metal collection.


We'll get to "Kilmister" in due time, but for now, "Gett Out" is where it's at.

(Still smiling) ...

In addition to my gifted producer, Princeton Brown, I am truly honored to have worked with one of the baddest metal enthusiasts I know in the incredibly talented drummer and producer, Greg Schutte. And I will forever respect his listening ear and professionalism. Thanks for puttin' in the hard work, Big G.

(Still smiling) ...

Once again, the ear-splittin' "Gett Out" will be placed on the original motion picture soundtrack to "Dual Mania," joining its mellow (R&B) siblings, "I Do," "I'm Still In Love," "Something In Your Eyes," and "The Book Of Us."

Stay tuned folks!

• NOTE: The synopsis for "Gett Out" will feature soon on the SONG SYNOPSES page here at The Boutique Domain

Jul. 31, 2020

Cat Ellington's Boutique Domain Reaches 500,000 Organic Views!

The virtual home to the entire Cat Ellington entertainment, art, and literary divisions, The Boutique Domain has reached yet another milestone, that being 500,000 organic visits, and I am overwhelmed with humility. A subsidiary of The Black Jaguar Music Company, the award-winning Boutique Domain showcases my creative contributions in the fields of music, movies, art, and literature. And I'm so proud of it. I'm proud to say that it has been in operation since 2013. And I'm also proud to say that we've reached the 500,000-visits milestone by way of an honest journey.

Because my domain provider only counts ONE IP address at a time, NO ONE, not even myself, can refresh the pages in an effort to increase the button counter at the bottom of each page at the location; therefore, we've come to this stage honestly. My domain provider does not allow bot visits either; therefore, we've come to this stage in a spirit of honesty. 500,000 organic visitors. That's half a million, folks.


I know y'all can add, I'm just being amused... (Smiles)


Thank you all for visiting. I appreciate your interest in my creative life, I truly do. And as many of you now know, I'm nowhere near done here. We're still getting through my book series, "Dual Mania" is still forthcoming (theatrically), the motion picture soundtrack is still forthcoming (Heyyy now!), I'm preparing to start work on the next motion picture (Ooh, the script is a killer!), my art modeling works have to come up, and, of course, we have to get on through the 24-genre Cat Ellington song catalog. So come on and go wit' me as I strut walk and jive talk my way through it all. But in the meantime, errbody stay groovy.



Jul. 20, 2020

Passion. Jazz. Soul. Phenomenal vocal harmony. They all explode in every section of the award-winning "I Do."

One of my most captivating musical works, "I Do" required just the right touch. And my production team had it. We also had the alluring vocals of our BMI counterpart, Jaki. And the stunning gal brought yours truly to tears with her powerful, yet gentle, rendition of the piece.

I fought hard to hold back the tears, but I lost the battle and they poured down in a drenching stream. Thank God the recording studio was dimly lit... (Laughs) Because I am such an 'ugly crier'... (More laughs)

I'm so proud of this work. I'm proud of the entire production of it. And I'm looking forward to the day when all of you in the public can finally hear it for yourselves.

Stay tuned folks!

• NOTE: The synopsis for "I Do" will feature soon on the SONG SYNOPSES page here at The Boutique Domain