The Original Song Synopsis

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Song Synopsises

   As Had Been Earlier Informed On The 'My Stories' Page, Each One Of My Full Length Song Works Has It's Very Own Synopsis. And Here On The Song Synopsises Page Is Where I Will List Only The Songs' Titles, Their Dates Written And Their Synopsises.

 Because I Will Publicly Release My Works In Seven-Songs-At-A-Time Bundles, Each Title, Along With It's Synopsis, Will Feature On This Page For Only (3) Calendar Months.

 This Page Will Exclude Jingles, Themes, Songs From The Children's Programs Collection, And Video Game Music. Please Consult The 'Oh-So-Catchy' Page For Information On Works Pertaining To These Four Genres.

 For Publicly Performed Works From The Aforementioned Collections Are Not Part Of The Seven-At-A-Time Rotation Method. 




     Sat. 8/3/2003

         Genre: Gospel 

       Artist Performing: 



You're Not Where I Belong

    'You're Not Where I Belong'

        Tue. 5/13/2003

         Genre: R&B

        Artist Performing: 

I'm Still In Love

  'I'm Still In Love'

       Wed. 5/13/2003

       Genre: R&B

      Artist Performing: 

Something In Your Eyes

   'Something In Your Eyes'

         Thu. 7/4/2002

        Genre: R&B

      Artist Performing: 

The Book Of Us

     'The Book Of Us'

            Tue. 5/27/2003

         Genre: R&B

        Artist Performing: 

I Do

   'I Do'

    Fri. 6/20/2003

      Genre: R&B

    Artist Performing: 




     Thu. 8/27/1992

       Genre: Pop

     Artist Performing: 


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