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Jun. 15, 2015

Greetings All. You Know, As Much As I "Plan" To Get My Postings Up As Close To The Turn-Over As Possible, It Doesn't Always Work Out That Way. The Traffic Here Is Just Simply Beyond My Control. And With That Said, There Have Been 'Turn-Overs' Hundreds Past The Mark Before I Finally Got Around To Posting Them. What I Will Speak Within Them Is Always Prepared Days In Advance, But Sometimes I Get Delayed. And This Time Is No Different. I'm VERY Tardy, But I'm Here.

Shall We Resume? Good. Let's Go . . .

The Groovy Headline In English: Is Now Showcasing Wa(aa)y Past Ninety-Five-Thousand (95,000) Views.

'Być W Pokój, Mój Drogi Mężczyźni I Kobiety. I Jako Zawsze, Marka Życie A Kamień Rowek.'

As Usual, Cat Gotcha "Tongue" In English:

'Be At Peace, My Dear Men And Women. And As Always, Make Life A Stone Groove.'

Miłośnie, (Lovingly)
Kotka ;)

Featured Language In Post: Polish

Jun. 13, 2015

(Ahhh... The Joys Of Speaking 'In Other Tongues.')

(Laughs...) The Headline, Translated In English: Soars Past Ninety-Four-Thousand (94,000) Worldwide Views, Dear Ones.

Guys And Gals?
When, While In Pursuit Of Your Dreams, You Encounter "Doors" Being Closed In Your Faces, Kindly Knock AGAINNN...
And If Those Same "Doors" Refuse To Reopen, Kick. Those. Mutha-Suckas INNN...
...That You May Cross Their "Symbolic" Thresholds And Take AIM At Staking Your CLAIM.
...Always Remember That A Great Faith Will Carry You A Mighty Long Way.

'Fè Lavi Yon Wòch Canivo, Ti bebe'...

Hee-Hee... That's The SenSATION Of HATIAN Fuh, 'Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.

Tandreman, (Lovingly)
Chat ;)

Featured Language In Post: Haitian

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Jun. 11, 2015

Howdy, Folks.
The Headline's English Translation: - Now Showcasing Over Ninety-Three-Thousand (93,000) Worldwide Views, Sweethearts.

Mou Agapitós Ándres Kai GYNAÍKES...
Eíste Schetiká me Na DEDOMÉNOU
Aftoí Wokds Tou SoFÍA...
O_--Kai Tóte MERIKOÍ...

Apolamváno_ Sas Zoés Epáno_ se Aftó GI_ ...
Kai Thései Sas Megálos Dimiourgós PRÓTOS
Eseís Óla Eínai Sto EIRÍNI...
Eseís Óla Eínai Sto PARAKALÓ_ ...
Min An-ech-teí Óchi Asthenikós GÓNATA
Stási_ Epáno_ EFTHEÍA...
Kai Vólta Me PÍSTI_
Min As Óchi KLÓOUN
Kópanos Eseís GYRO_
Áfxisi ÁNO_! ...
Póte SATANÁS Párei Na MISÉI...
...Diamoní_ Se AGÁPI.

HEE-HEE... No NEEED To WorREE... Cat Gotcha Poetic "Tongue" In EEngleeeesh...

My Dear Men And WOMEN,
You're About To Be GIVEN
These Words Of WisDOM...
Ooh--And Then SOME...

Enjoy Your Lives Upon This EARTH
And Put Your Great Cre-a-tor FIRST
Y'all Be At PEACE,
Y'all Be At EASE...
Don't Tol-er-ate No Feeble KNEES...
And Walk By FAITH--
Don't Let No "CLOWNS"
Jerk You AROUND...
Rise ABOVE! ...
When SATAN Get Ta HATIN'...
...Stay In LOVE.

Woo... Waaay------> To-Da-Hoo...

(Laughs) My Dearest Gents And Ladies?
...Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.

Storgiká, (Lovingly)
Gata ;)

Featured Language In Post: Greek

Note: The Poem Which Is Included In The Post Was Only Made Up By Me To Serve A Purpose Within It. The Piece Is Not Under Copyright Through Quill Pen Ink Publishing.
- CE

Jun. 8, 2015

Vat? Vat Vas Zat?
(Smiling) Zat, My Dear Boys And Goyals, Ees Zee Native "Tongue" Of Zee Peoples Of 'Third Rome.' ...

Nah, I Veel Tahnslate Zee Headline Een Ayngleesh: Now Exceeds Ninety-Two-Thousand (92,000) Worldwide Views, My Loves.

Moy Dorogoy Lyudi I Zhenshchiny?
Pozvolyat' Mir V Zavorachivat' Sam Vokrug Vy.
Vse Iz Vy, Moy Byt'lyubimoy 'GOSTI.'

Zat's Hah Zey Vould Seh Eet Een 'Third Rome.' ...

But Here In The States, The Translation In English Is:

My Dear Men And Women?
Allow Peace To Wrap Itself Around You.
And Be Mightily BLESSED By The BEST -
All Of You, My Be-lov-ed 'GUESTS.'

Vlyublenno, (Lovingly)
Koshka ;)

Featured Language In Post: Russian

Jun. 5, 2015

The Headline...Translated In English: Is Now Showcasing Over Ninety-One-Thousand (91,000) Worldwide Views, Babies.

Ooh...WEE...Ka-me-ha-CHI... Su-KI-ya-KI, Su-SHI, and Sa-KE... (Laughs)

Redīsu To Shokun, Taizai De A Ai Ā-Sō-SHIN...
To Tsukurimasu Seikatsu A Ishi MIZO...
Kaku To Mina No ANATA.

Dat Dere Is Da Japaneeze "Tongue" Fuh, 'Ladies And Gentlemen, Stay In A Love Oh-So-TRUUUE...
And Make Life A Stone GROOOVE...
Each And Everyone Of YOOOU.

Aijō Komete, (Lovingly)
Neko ;)

Featured Language In Post: Japanese
(In Honor Of My Dear Friends At KAMEHACHI Chicago.)
Love Y'all.