Jun. 21, 2015

KatzeEllington.com - Mit Über Neunzig-Acht-Tausend Weltweit Ansichten Auf Schaukaten

Oof! I Luf Zis! Zis Iz Fun, Yah?
Nah, Zis Iz Zee Haydloin... Een Eenglaysh: CatEllington.com - With Over Ninety-Eight-Thousand (98,000) Worldwide Views On Showcase.

Love Is PEACE,
Love Is FREE,
Love Will Put Your Soul At EASE...
Love Is Gentle,
Love Is DEAR,
Love Rebukes Away All FEAR ...
It Suffers LONG...
Love Is Able To Right A WRONG...
Like In The SONG Of Marvin GAYE,
'For Only Love Can Conquer HATE.'
Love Is ... (Pause)

A-haaa... A-haaa...
(Laughs) Y'all Thought'chall Was Gon' GET To Read The REST. Didn' Y'all? Didn' Y'all?
(Still Laughin'...)

Y'all Want Some Mo'? Huh? Y'all Want Some Mo' Terminal Sound Flow?
Ahhh... How 'Bout Dis Here?:

That Was A Sample Of "Love Everlast-ING"...
And It's Featured Here Courtesy Of Q-P-I Publish-ING.

(Laughin'... And Havin'... Waaay Too Much Fun...)

'Meine Geliebt werden Menschen Und Meine Geliebt werden Frauen?
Machen Leidenschaftlich Lieben,
Und Nicht Chaotisch KRIEG...
Weil Sie Sehen, Das ist, Was Alle Von Unsere Hoffen
In Lieben Ist FÜR.' . . .

Zon't Vurry... I's Got ThIS... In EnglISh:

'My Beloved Men And My Beloved Women?
Make Passionate Love,
And Not Chaotic WAR...
Because You See, That's What All Of Our Hope
In Love Is FOR.'

Keep Yourselves, Babies. Keep Yourselves.

Liebevoll, (Lovingly)
Katze ;)

Featured Language In Post: German

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