Jun. 18, 2015

YenaEllington.com - Ngani Eqela Ayisishiyagalolunye-Isikhombisa-Inkulungwane Emhlabeni wonke Onemibo

I Know. I Know. I Was Just Here. But Hey, My Last Post Was Late. Very Late. It Was What, 900+ Past The Turn-Over, And I Almost Missed It. Thankfully, I Didn't, Because I Would've Really Hated It If I Had To "X" Out It's Prepared Sheet In My Books.
...But I'm Back Here On This Gorgeous Thursday - This Time Paying Adoring Tribute To The Beeyooteefohl Peoples Of South Africa In This New Post.

And Speaking Of This New Post, I Now Bring You It's Headline In English, My Dear Amadoda (Men) And Abesifazane (Women). I Now Bring You It's Headline In English: CatEllington.com - Showcasing Over Ninety-Seven-Thousand (97,000) Worldwide Views.

OOOOH . . . Futhi Kanjalo SULEKILE . . .
Lokho Kanjani Yona Kuba Nini Wena Ukuenza Ukuphila Not Etshe INKATHO.

(Heh. King Shaka Would Be So Proud...)

The Sentiment, Translated In English:

OOOOH . . . And So SMOOOOTH . . .
That's How It Is When You Make Life A Stone GROOOOVE.'

...Be Joyfully Advised To Do Just That, My Beloved Masculine Men And Feminine Women. Be Joyfully Advised To Do Just That.

Ngothando, (Lovingly)
Yena ;)

Featured Language In Post: Zulu