Jun. 18, 2015

Lub "Boutique Zim" Tam sim no Sawv Ntaum Saum Cuaj caum-Rau-Txhiab Saibs, Thoob ntiaj teb

Hello, My Dear Masculinities And Femininities.

...Your Headline In English: The "Boutique Domain" Now Stands At Over Ninety-Six-Thousand (96,000) Views, Worldwide.

I Made Up A Groovy Poe-im Fuh Y'all. Wanna Read It? Here It Go:

Cherish IMMENSELY...
When God Is For You,
Who Can Be Against THEE?
Hold It DOWN,
Stand Your GROUND,
And Keep Your Head Above The CLOUDS
Focus On The Job At HAND...
When Told "You Can't,"
Shout "Yes I CAN!"
Heed These Words,
And In All That'cha DOOO...
...Make Life A Stone GROOOVE.

'Hnia, Hnia, Tiab Ib Ntau Hnia!'

(Purrrin' Like A REAL Cat...Woman)

That's The HMONG "TONGUE" Fuh, 'Mwah, Mwah, And One Mo' Mwah!'

Muaj siab hlub, (Lovingly)
Miv ;)

Featured Language In Post: Hmong