Jun. 13, 2015

ChatEllingtondotkon Mont Sot pase Katrevendis-Kat-Mil Atravè lemond Opinyon, Mwen renmen anpil Yo me

(Ahhh... The Joys Of Speaking 'In Other Tongues.')

(Laughs...) The Headline, Translated In English: CatEllington.com Soars Past Ninety-Four-Thousand (94,000) Worldwide Views, Dear Ones.

Guys And Gals?
When, While In Pursuit Of Your Dreams, You Encounter "Doors" Being Closed In Your Faces, Kindly Knock AGAINNN...
And If Those Same "Doors" Refuse To Reopen, Kick. Those. Mutha-Suckas INNN...
...That You May Cross Their "Symbolic" Thresholds And Take AIM At Staking Your CLAIM.
...Always Remember That A Great Faith Will Carry You A Mighty Long Way.

'Fè Lavi Yon Wòch Canivo, Ti bebe'...

Hee-Hee... That's The SenSATION Of HATIAN Fuh, 'Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.

Tandreman, (Lovingly)
Chat ;)

Featured Language In Post: Haitian

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