May. 31, 2015

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The Headline? Cat Gotcha "Tongue" In English: Reaches, Surpasses Eighty-Nine-Thousand (89,000) Views, Babies.

Guys And Dolls, Shine FORTH! And Be Mightily Blessed In The LORD.
In The Adage Of Many Witnesses; 'If You Don't Stand For Something, You'll Fall For AnyTHING.' ...
In The Words Of Dr. KING; 'Love Is The Only Force Capable Of Transforming An Enemy Into FRIEND.' ...
(To That, I Say AMEN.)
In The Words Of The Reverend Jesse; 'Keep Hope ALIVE!' And Don't Take No JIVE.
(...Well, I Made Up The 'Don't Take No Jive' Part - Ya Know, Just To Bust A Rhyme - That It Would Pay Tribute To The Legacy Of The Good Reverend's Grammatical Correspondence In His Legendary Usage Of Terminal Sounds.)
In The Pertaining WORDS Of Donnie WahlBERG; 'Use Your HIPS! Use Your LIPS! Use Your WITS! You Bet Not QUIT!' ...
An-An-An-And In The Words Of MEEE...CE; 'Make Life A Stone Groove, BayBEEZ.'

Mi Querido Hombres Y Mujeres? Padre Dios Hecho Cada Y Todo el mundo De Usted Gran! ...Acto Como Ella.

Heh-Heh. Das Espanyole Fuh, 'My Dear Men And Women? Father God Made Each And Everyone Of You Great! ...Act Like It.

Cariñosamente, (Lovingly)
La gata ;)

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