May. 29, 2015

MāoĀilindù Chāoguò 88-Qiān-Yìjiàn, Yīng'ér

(Laughin' Into The Post...)
Who Needs Rosetta Stone When You Got The 'Boutique Domain,' Huh? Huh? (Still Laughin'...)
And Now, The Headline Translated In English: Surpasses Eighty-Eight-Thousand (88,000) Views, Babies.

Friday Has Been My Favorite Day Of The Week Since I've Been Old Enough To Remember. And If You Share My Sentiment, Then You'll Do Exactly What I Plan To Do: You'll Treat This Friday Accordingly...
Enjoy Yourselves... LIVE Life To The Fullest, LAUGH Out Loud, And LOVE Intensely... Be Yourselves No Matter Where Ya Be... Look In Front Of Ya, Not Behind Ya... Go For It With All You Have In Ya... And If Like Me, You're In A Sticky-Icky-Icky Climatic Setting, Stay Cool... Take It Easy... And Drink Plenty O' Icy Cold Wawta...

Shi Shēnghuó Yī Shi Cáo, Yīng'ér.

(Pappy? Das Chaneeze Fuh, 'Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.')

Hánqíng mò mài, (Lovingly)
Māo ;)

Featured Language In Post: Chinese