May. 26, 2015

GattaEllingtonpuntocom Sorpassa Ottantasette Mila Visualizzazioni, Bambini

And Now, The Headline Translated In English: Surpasses Eighty-Seven-Thousand (87,000) Views, Babies.
My Dear Men And Women? Whether You Be Jews According To The Flesh, Or Gentiles, Respectively, Have A Healthy Love For Each And Everyone Of YourSELVES... Get On Out There And Blaze Your Own TRAILS.... If You're Holding Down Any FORT, Always Rely On Omnipotent Spiritual SupPORT... If You're Like Me And Possess A PASSION For The Loveliest Of FASHION... Hey, What The HELL... Wear It WELL! Always Look At The Glass Half FULL... And In The Process, Don't Take No BULL... My Dear Men And Women? In All Thatcha DO, Make Life A Stone GROOVE.

Amorosamente, (Lovingly)
Gatta ;)

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