May. 23, 2015

Pages For BJMC, CCA, and QPIP Completed/86,000 Views Surpassed

My Dear Men And Women, This Post Is To Inform That The Pages For The BJMC, The CCA, And QPIP Have Been Completed. And Also That The 'Boutique' Of A Domain Now Stands At Over 86,000 In It's Number Of Views.
Treat This Holiday Weekend Accordingly... That Means Enjoy It In Full... Be At Peace... Eat, Drink, And Be Merry... And If You Know You're Gonna Get A Lil' Bit Tipsy, Be Kindly Advised To Have A Designated Driver In Your Company... Uh-Ruh...Stay Free... Walk Your Own Path... Don't Overcook Your Barbecue... And In All Thatcha Do, Make Sure It's A Stone Groove...
In A Spirit Of True Love,
Meow, Meow, And One Mo' Meow. ;)