May. 13, 2015

LeChatEllingtonpointcom Surpasse Vingt-Quatre-Mille Vues, Bébés

...And Now, The Headline Translated In English: Surpasses Eighty-Four-Thousand (84,000) Views, Babies. (Laughs)
Y'all Be Mightily Blessed. And Enjoy What's Left Of This Groovy Hump Day.
...P.S., The French Langue Is Dedicated To The Great Pappy - A Man Truly Fluent In The Parisian Tongue. (Still Laughin') I Love You, Baby. I Mean, Je t'aime, Bébé.

In A Spirit Of Sincere Jive Talk,
- Cat. I Mean, Le Chat. ;)

Featured Language In Post: French