Apr. 25, 2015

CatEllington.com Surpasses 79,000 Views

I'm Waaaay Late With This Post, I Know, But I Still Have To Register The The Update. We Now Stand At 79,000+ Views.
To Be Completely Honest, I Have Not Seen The Views Counter Since It Read 78,356, 57, Or Somewhere In That Numerical Neighborhood, So I've Not Been On The Site These Past Few Days. But On Today, Saturday, I Had An Opportunity To See The Latest Count. And As It Reads, So It Is.
I Am Preparing To Get Started On The CCA's Page. And It Is Going To Be Emotional, I Just Know It... (Laughs) But It's Also Going To Be Fun; A Lot Of Good Old Memories From The (6) Years That It Took Us To Get My Husband's First Independent Feature Film 'In The Can'... From The Stages Of Script Drafts To The Thousands Of Phone Calls (Outgoing and Incoming) To The Casting Call To The Thousands Of Headshots Received To The Casting Process/Auditions To The Media Involvement, Throughout The Entire Process, Whew!... From Principal Photography To Post-Production. I Met Sooo Many Great And Remarkably Talented People - Quite A Few Who Went On To Become The Famous Names That They Are Today, And Many More Who Already Were. It Had Been A Great Experience For Yours Truly, And I Cannot Wait To Share The Details Of It With Those Of You, My Guests, Via CCA - CatEllington.com.
But Until Then, Stay In Love, Everybody. And Make Every-single-day You're Blessed To See A Stone Groove.