Apr. 19, 2015

CatEllington.com Reaches, Surpasses 78,000 Views

This Always Happens To Me, What, I End Up Missing The Mark When The Site Reaches The Newest Thousandth. And This Time Was No Different. I Was Not Aware Of The Fact That The "Boutique" Of A Domain Had Hit The 78,000 Views Mark, And Exceeded It, Until This Posting. (Lazy Chuckling) Therefore I'm Forever Late With The Number-Of-Views Updates - Well, I Have Been Ever Since I Started Posting About Them When We Surpassed 75,000 Views Back On March 25th.
Anyway, This Post Is To Inform That CatEllington.com Has Surpassed 78,000 Views.
I Would Love To Witness It When It Turns Over Another Thousand, But Unfortunately, I Have Absolutely No Control Over That. I Will Say This Though: As It's Founder/Owner/Webmaster, I Am Extremely Proud Of This Site. She's Come Quite A Ways And I'm Still Not Done With Her.
Thank You All, My Beloved Men And Women, Whomever You May Be, For Stopping By.