Mar. 26, 2015 Reaches 75,000 Views!!!

This Post Is To Announce That Has Both Reached - And Exceeded - 75,000 Views. Proud Of My Official Site's Achievement, I Can Remember, When I Began To Establish It Back In Late January (29th, To Be Exact) Of 2013, On It's Very First Night In Operation On The World-Wide Web, The Site Having Had Only 118 Views The Morning After I'd Announced It's Existence Via Tweet.
And Now, On This Date, Wednesday, March 25, 2015, We Have Not Only Reached 75,000 Views, But Surpassed The Genuine And Respectable Number.

This Is A Great Accomplishment For Me As It's Webmaster, As Well As For The Domain Itself. And Once Again, I Am Very Proud Of This Great Blessing.

Already Considerable, Is Hardly Complete With It's Existing (40) Pages. For There Are More Pages That Will Be Added, As The Many Hats That I Am Greatly Honored To Wear, Professionally, Have Much Space They Require, That The Various Extensions To Which They Are Associated, May Receive Their Own Pages Of Dedication.

My Dear Men And Women, Whomever You All May Be, God Bless Each And Everyone Of You. And Thanks For Stopping By, Because Not One Of You Had To Take Time Out Of Any Of Your Days To Do So.

I Will Go On Posting The Latest News Here To My Blog As The Domain Continues To Undergo The Completion Stages Of ALL Of It's Incomplete And Remaining Pages.