Celebrates 100,000 Worldwide Views Milestone!

Jun. 24, 2015

Final Post:
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
4:35 P.M. CST

Hello Again, My Dearest Men And Women, Beloved As You All Truly Are. This Particular Post Is One Most Special To Me, As It's Purpose Is To Inform That This, The 'Boutique Domain,' Has Reached A Major Milestone, That Is 100,000 Views From Around The World. We Have Done It. We Have Done It Honestly, We Have Done It Patiently, We Have Done It Genuinely, And We Have Done It With Integrity. 100,000 Worldwide Views. And Not One View Had To Be Bought. Not One View Is Fraudulent, And Not One View Came From Any So-Called "Bots." Each And Every View Here At Is The Result Of Actual Human Traffic From Many, Many Peoples From Around The World - Of Every Tongue, Of Every Tribe, And Of Every Nation With Access To The Internet. Over 100,000 Views.

"Why Is This So Special?," One Might Ask. Well, Because Of The Witness Which I Will Reveal Today Within This Post. And Before I Proceed, It Should Be Stressed That It Is Not My Intention To Pass Judgement On Anyone, Neither Is The Witness Intended To Cause Anyone To Feel "Guilt" Or "Shame." For I Do Not Stand In A Place To Present Myself As Anyone's Judge As I Am No Better Or Greater Than Any Other Human Being. We All Fall Short, Even Every One Of Us. Because We're Human. And I Do Not Harbor Within My Heart Any Resentment Or Vindictiveness - Not Towards Anyone. So My Witness Today Is Being Testified In A Spirit Of Truth, And Of Love, And Of Genuineness, And In True Humility So That The Peoples May Understand And Gain Wisdom And Insight.

To Many In This Present Generation, People Like Myself Are Perceived A Bit Differently, As If We're Anomalies, Enigmas, Or Offenders, If You Please. And In My Particular Case, This Has Been The Experience: For In The Over (3) Years That I've Been Online.

In The Perceptions Of Many Peoples, I, Cat Ellington, Am Not Regarded As Someone Who Is Built Up In The Present System, Neither Am I Regarded As Someone Who Is "Supported" By The Corporate Structure And Mandate; Neither Am I Regarded As Someone Who Has Been Presented Before The Peoples As A "False Idol" For The Purpose Of Worship: For I, Cat Ellington, Am Not Someone Who Conforms Well. In Fact, I Never Have Been Such An Individual. It's Just Not In Me. When I Had Once Been A "Woman of the World" And Nicknamed The "Queen of Revelry" By Those Closest To Me, There Had Not Been A Conformist Within Me. And Today, Even As A Nearly Twenty-One-Years-Long Member In The Body of Christ, There Is Not A Conformist Within Me. But My Spirit Is Of The Kind That Rebels Against Being Controlled: For It Strives To Go Against The Grain Rather Than Along With It. For My Spirit Is Of The Kind That Rebukes Conformity. And For This Reason, I, Cat Ellington, Am Not A "Well-Liked" Or "Popular" Woman Online, Particularly On Social Media. For I Was Not Brought In By The Hand Of Man But Rather By The Hand Of The Lord God. And It Is By That Same Divine And Awesome Hand That I, Cat Ellington, Was Brought In Already Greatly Blessed, Established, Humbled, And Well-Rounded: For I, Cat Ellington, Have Not Been "Molded" In My Career By The Hands Of Men But Only By The Blessed Hand Of My Lord God, And By That Of His Christ. I Am His Servant On This Earth First And Foremost. And THEN I Am A Creative Artist In The Fields Of Music, Movies, Art, and Literature, Respectively. By His Grace And His Divine Mercy.

And Because Of These Great Spiritual And Physical Attributes, Which He Has Bestowed Upon Me, Many Peoples In The World - In This Present Generation - Have Chosen, Or Rather Been Tempted, To Ignore Me, Segregate Me, Hate Me, Mistreat Me, Fear Me, Alienate Me, Regard Me With Hostility, Regard Me With Malice, Speak Ill Of Me Through Various Forms Of Slander And Defamation Behind My Back, To Humiliate Me, Judge Me, Publicly Persecute Me, Lie On Me, Spit At And Drag My Name (Though It Be A Name Mightily Blessed By The Lord God Himself), Disregard Both Me And My Professional Entertainment Industry Credentials, Disregard And Disrespect My Validity And Credibility As A Creative Artist With Over 34 Years Of Greatly Blessed Works In My Possession, Disregard The Fact That I Have Been Professionally Active In The Entertainment Industry Since 1993 (When I Had Been Under Contract To Cast A Feature Film), Be Hardened Within Their Hearts Against Me Without A Justified Cause, Regard My Hand, When I'd Extended It In A Gesture Of Friendliness, With Hatred, Coldness, Scorn, Malice, Pride, Ego, Arrogance, And Enemy-Mindedness (All Fueled By Self-Hatred And Low Self-Esteem On Their Part), Deliberately Not Return Greetings, Even After I'd Extended My Own First, etc. All Because I Had The NERVE To Make The Good Confession To Those In This Present Generation That I Am A Holy Spirit-Filled Servant Of The Most High God And Of His Christ, And That I Introduced Myself Already Blessed And Established - Way Before The Lord Allowed Social Media To Come Into Being On The Earth (Hell, The Worldwide Web Was Barely Up And Running Properly), And Because I Said That I Didn't Need To Be A Manpleaser Or A Sycophant Or An Ass-Kisser Or A Slave To Men. Now Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love People Wholeheartedly. But My Quality Of Life Is Not Dependent Upon Whether Or Not They Like, Love, Or Approve Of Me.

Those Had Been My "Crimes"?


I Don't Need To Portray The "Victim" Because A "Victim" Is The Last Thing That I Am. But Let This Be Known My Dear Men And Women, That I, Cat Ellington, Have Not Done What Is Evil To Anyone To Have Caused The Various Actions Of The Aforementioned Hostilities To Be Directed Towards Me In The Over (3) Years That I've Been Active On The Internet/In The Social Media Sphere - Not To Any Of Those Who Are Familiar Persons, And Not To Any Of Those Who Are Strangers. Not To Mention Those Who Claim To Be Fellow Members In The Same Spiritual Family As Me - Meaning The Body of Christ. No One Can Bring A Charge Of Hostile Treatment Against Me And Be Witnessing Truthfully. Not Even One. Not The Well-Known Public Figures Who Have Achieved Fame/Celebrity, And Not Any Of Those Who Are Members Of The General Public. Not Even One.

Know For A Certainty, My Beloved Men And Women, That My Witness Will Surely Stand Because It Is Truth.

The Testimony, Which Is Witnessed Here Within This Post, Was Not Shared That It Would Arouse Strife, Neither Was It Done So That I, A Grown Forty-Four-Year-Old Woman Could Find A Reason To Whine Like A Big Baby. No. The Reason For The Witness Was So That The Peoples Would Know That Despite Much Opposition One May Be Subjected To In The World, And The Many Trials That One Might Undergo On The Earth, The Lord God Almighty STILL Takes Care Of His Own, And Causes Great Favor To Be Bestowed Upon His Own To Let The Peoples Know That He, And He Alone, Is In Control, And Absolutely No One Else, Be They Spiritual Beings Or Human Beings. THAT, My Beloved Men And Women, Is The Point Of The Witness. Despite All Of The Hostility Towards Me, Cat, The Lord STILL Moved His Almighty Hand Over The Peoples, Both Domestically And Internationally, And Caused Them To Visit My Domain Here, That They Would Know Both Me, The Woman Named Cat Ellington, And The Many, Many Creative Works For Which I Am Synonymous.

Over 100,000 Genuine Views In Less Than Three Years. And For A Writer? Not Even A Performer Out Front In The People's Faces But A SONGWRITER? A Songwriter Who Also Happens To Also Be A Casting Director, A Poet, And An Art Model? All Behind-The-Scenes Positions? What The Hell Am I Doing With Over 100,000 Organic Views On My Site?

Gifts And Talents. The Lord God Has Given Every Human Being Whom He Has Created And Allowed To Live Here On His Earth, Including Myself, Some Kind Of A Gift/Talent. And There Are Many Men, Women, And Children Who Are Tremendously Blessed To Possess More Than One. All Gifts And Talents Are Given From Him In His Kingdom Above. He Gives, And He Can Take Away; They're His. His Gifts And His Talents. And If God EVER Commands The Spirit Of Wisdom To Depart From Me, Well, I Reckon That I'll Never Be Able To Compose The Written Word Again. Not In Music And Not In Literature. If There Is A Blank Page Before Me, It Wouldn't Matter If My Right Hand Held A Thousand Dollar Ink Pen From The House Of Montblanc, Or An Ink Pen Branded Paper Mate, Not One Word Would Be Jotted From The Ink Of Either Or, And The Page Would Remain Blank. It's God's Work. The BJMC, The CCA, QPIP, And Even This, The 'Boutique Domain,' Are His. I'm Just The Steward Assigned To Manage Them Here On The Earth. And I Try To Do So To The Best Of My Human Ability. Everything In Existence Is His; It All Came Into Being At His Word. The Same Hand, Even His Own, That Comes Forth To Bless, Is The Same Which Will Change Course To Curse. And I Prefer To Exist Under His Blessedness, Not His Curse. And As A Working Professional In The Entertainment Industry, I Have Come To Cherish Both My Creative Freedom And My Independence. Because I, For One, Know How Precious And Priceless They Are.

I Would Like For You All To Understand Something About Me, My Dear Men And Women. Know This, That If I Ever Approach You, I Won't Ever Approach You Crooked Like A Snake; But When I Approach You, I'm Gonna Approach You Straight. If I Owe You A Dollar Bill, I'm Not Gonna Pay You Back 99 Cents, I'm Gonna Pay You Back The Whole Dollar, Not A Penny Short. And If All I Have In My Piggy Bank Is Five Thousand Dollars, I'm Not Gonna Tell You I Got Ten Thousand When I Know Good And Damn Well All I Got Is Five Thousand. If I Tell You That I'ma Give You A Loaf Of Bread, I'm Not Gon' Dishonor My Word And Part Ways With Only A Slice, You're Gonna Get The Whole Loaf. And I'm Not Gon' Say Nothin' Once That I Won't Be Willing To Say Twice, Whether It Be Over The Internet Or Face-To-Face, Whether Those To Whom I Say It Be Jews Or Gentiles, Well-Known Or Unknown, Rich and Wealthy Or Poor and Needy, Dressed In Rags Or In The Finest Apparel, Blondes, Brunettes Or Redheads, Housing Project Residents Or The Owners Of Palatial Estates, At The Helm Of A Corporate Boardroom Table Or A Member Of That Same Corporation's Mail Room Or Janitorial Staffs, Tech Company Founders and Employees Or Those In The General Public Who Only Utilize The Companies Social Media Services, Regarded As Legends In The Entertainment Industry Or Novices Within The Same. Because My Name Is On The Line, And My Word Should Always Be In Good Standing.

Please Be Informed, My Dear Men And Women, That I Will Not Ever Bring A Testimony That I Can't And Won't Back Up. I'm Not A Perfect Individual, But Honesty Is My Way, And It's The Only Way I Know, Even If I Am In Show Business. And While Show Business May Be Cutthroat And Full Of Overly-Ambitious Hustlers, I Still Love It To The Marrow Of My Bones.

Now Let's Move On, Shall We?

How Many Ways Can I Say 'Thank You, Babies!'?
Ahhh... Cat Gotcha "Tongues" . . . Waggin' 'Em In A Spirit Of True Gratitude, Humility, And Sincerity:

Thank You, Babies! (English)

Xièxiè, Yīngér! (Chinese)

Gracias, Bebés! (Spanish)

Merci, Bébés! (French)

Grazie, Bambini! (Italian)

Asante, Watoto! (Swahili)

Misaotra Anao, Zaza! (Malagasy)

Saum Arkoun Anak, Tearok! (Khmer)

Toda, Tinokies! (Hebrew)

Tujhē Upakāra Mānatō, Bālānnā! (Marathi)

Spasibo, Deti! (Russian)

Danke, Babys! (German)

Nirringrazzjak, Trabi! (Maltese)

Di ou Mèsi, Ti bebe! (Haitian)

Nandi, Śiśukkal! (Malayalam)

Ua Tsaug, Me nyuamies! (Hmong)

Ceizu Tinbade, Ca lays! (Burmese)

Meegwetch, Papoosies! (Algonquin)

Grazia, Ilpopies! (Romansch)

Wado, Usties! (Tsalagi)

Diolch I Chi, Babanod! (Welsh)

Amesegunalhun, Babies! (Ethiopian)

Takk, Babyer! (Norwegian)

Bayarlalaa, Khüükhed! (Mongolian)

Zikomo, Makanda! (Nyanja)

Ungalukku Nanri, Kuttimas! (Tamil)

Efcharistó, Morá! (Greek)

Arigatō, Nyūyōji! (Japanese)

Ačiū, Kūdikiai! (Lithuanian)

Shukran, Jazīlan, Tefalies! (Arab)

Cam On, Ahn Yêus! (Vietnamese)

Hvala, Bebe! (Croatian/Bosnian)

Pakka Pér, Börn! (Icelandic)

Tesekkür, Bebekler! (Turkish)

Falemnderit, Bebe! (Albanian)

Dekuji, Deti! (Czech)

Gamsahabnida, Agi! (Korean)

Salamat, Sanggol! (Filipino)

Dankie, Babas! (Afrikaans)

Khun Khxbkhun, Thārk! (Thai)

Köszönöm, Kisbabák! (Hungarian)

Aitäh, Beebidele! (Estonian)

Shukran, Habibies! (Sudanese)

Dankon, Beboj! (Esperanto)

Daalu, Umu ohuru! (Igbo)

Shnorhakalut'yun, Noratsinnern! (Armenian)

Whakawhetai ki a Koutou, Ngā pēpi! (Maori)

Rakhmet, Malyshas! (Kazakh)

Gràcies, Nadons! (Catalan)

Mutašakkir, Tefelies! (Egyptian)

Mahalo, Kiekies! (Hawaiian) Love Y'all, Honolulu! Love Y'all So Much!

Tack, Spädbarn! (Swedish)

Multumesc, Copii! (Romanian)

Kiitos, Vauvat! (Finnish)

Obrigado, Bebês! (Portuguese)

Satautaiyai, Ladarauvana! (Sinhala)

Spasybi, Dity! (Ukrainian)

Dhan'yavāda, Śiśu'ōm! (Hindi)

D'akujem, Deti! (Slovak)

Ddziękuję, Niemowlęta! (Polish)

Paldies, Mazulisies! (Latvian)

Dhan'yavādālu, Pillalu! (Telugu)

Oshe, Babies! (Yoruban)

Terima Kasih, Bayi! (Malaysian/Indonesian)

Ngiyabonga, Babies! (Zulu)

Shukria, Nanna Bachchas! (Urdu)

Dyos Bo'otik, Chaanpals! (Mayan)

Eskerrik Asko, Haurtxo! (Basque)

Mahadsanid, Dhallaanka! (Somali)

Rahmat, Babies! (Uzbek)

A Dank, Beybiz! (Yiddish)

Ulfaad'dá, Mtotos! (Kenyan)

Dank U, Baby's! (Dutch)

Blagodarya, Bebeta! (Bulgarian)

Matur Nuwun, Bayi-Bayi! (Javanese)

Vanaka, Babas! (Fijian)

Giitu, Spebarner! (Scandinavian)

Dannaba, Bacē! (Punjabi)

Thenk Yuh, Beabies! (Jamaican Patois)

M'hgòi, Bāobèis! (Cantonese)

Dziakuj, Dzieci! (Belarusian)

Dhan ' Yabāda, Śiśudēra! (Bengali)

Salamat Kanimo, Mga Bata! (Cebuano)

Ābhāra, Bālakõ! (Gujarati)

Vi Blagodaram, Bebinja! (Macedonian)

Gratias Tibi, Infantes! (Latin)

Go Raibh Maith Agat, Leanaí! (Irish)

Khokhobchaithan, Deknony! (Lao)

Na gode, Jariran! (Hausa)

Madloba, Ch'vili! (Georgian)

Choukrane, Bebaies! (Lebanese)

Mesi, Bahebak ya habibies And Bahebek ya habibties! (Assyrian)

Muhu Su, Wáwas! (Taiwanese)

Eyalama, Watoto! (Ugandan Swahili)

Juspaxar, Bebés! (Bolivian)

Masuma, Bébés! (Cameroon)

Tangkui, Bebes! (Bislama • Vunuatu)

Wado, Usdies! (Cherokee)

Ch'ahp'ei'x Ta'p'a, Bebés! (Guatemalan)

Kaonak, Pikininies! (Pidgin • Papua New Guinea)

. . . And There You Have It, Folks. One Hundred Ways To Say 'Thank You, Babies!' For Taking The Time To Visit - Otherwise Nicknamed 'The Boutique Domain.'

The Presentation Of The 100 "Tongues," - Wagged In Gratitude, - Had Been Decided By Me, That The Inclusion Would Not Only Represent My Appreciation, But Also That It Would Serve To Represent The 100 Flags of the World Which Lead This Final Post. The Achievement Of 100,000 Worldwide Views, Great As It Is, Had Marked A Milestone. And It Has Set A Foundation Which All Other Additional Views Will Be Layered Upon - In Thousandths.

It Had Been A Pleasant Blessing, As Well As It Had Been A Ton Of True Fun, Communicating With Y'all Here. And I Will Forever Be Grateful That I'd Been Given This Platform To Do So.

The Poetic Piece: (I Made This One Up Fuh Y'all)

Be Of Courageousness,
And Not Of Cowardice.
Be Of Strength,
And Not Of Weakness.
Be Of Joy,
And Not Of Sorrow.
Be Of Joy,
Because There's A Better Tomorrow.
Be Of Love,
And Not Of Hate.
Be Of An Emboldened Spirit,
And Stand In Your Faith.
Whatever Offenses That You May Encounter In The World,
Even If They Be Doubled,
Remember That It Is Written:
'Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.'

The Sentiment:

My Dearest Men And Women?
Keep Yourselves Free,
And Enjoy Each And Every Day That You Live To See . . .
Doo Yor Bess Two Staye Two Kool Fore Skool -
And Always Strive To Make Life A Stone Groove.

OWWWW! . . . MEOWWWW! . . . (Laughs)

Filled With The Holy Spirit And Speaking In Other "Tongues,"
iFelinity ;)

Featured Languages In Post: 100 From Around The World

Note: As Was Informed Above, The Poetic Piece Listed Before The Sentiment Was Only Made Up By Me To Serve A Purpose Within This Post.
It Is Not Under Copyright Through Quill Pen Ink Publishing.

— Update On Tuesday, 12/27/2016: —

The Poetic Piece, Originally Written By Me For Leisure, To Be A Special Addition To This Particular Post, Has Since Been Revised And Placed Under Copyright Through Quill Pen Ink Publishing. It Is Now Titled "Words of Encouragement". The Work of Poetry Has Been Added To POETRY.NET, To Be Published Worldwide By The Stands4 Worldwide Groups.

Also, This Particular Post Marks My Last Here To My Primary Blog. I'll Be Serving Up The Latest News - Garnished With Some Jive Talk - On My Secondary Blog, Which Is Just Right Next Door. Again, It's Been Real.

Cat Ciao, Babies!

Jun. 23, 2015

Ohhh... The Beauty Of The West Germanic "Tongue."

...Your Headline, Translated In English: - Now Showcasing Over Ninety-Nine-Thousand (99,000) International Views, Bayyybeees.
Well, It's 'Babies,' But By Now, Y'all Should Know How Much I Love To Be Dramatic Where Words Are Concerned.

Anyway, Let Us Proceed...

'Laat Jou Lig Skyn Uit Binne,
My Liefste Mans En Vroue.
Ek sal Praat Om Jy Al Weer Gou.
Maar Totdat Dan,
Voortgaan Om Maak Lewe 'N Klip Groef.'

Oooh... Sweet Namibia Lucidity...
Ahhh... It's Native "Tongue's" Fluidity...

(Laughs) The Sentiment, Translated In English:

'Let Your Light Shine From Within,
My Dearest Men And Women.
I'll Talk To You All Again Soon.
But Until Then,
Continue To Make Life A Stone Groove.'

Liefdevol, (Lovingly)
Kat ;)

Featured Language In Post: Afrikaans

Jun. 21, 2015

Oof! I Luf Zis! Zis Iz Fun, Yah?
Nah, Zis Iz Zee Haydloin... Een Eenglaysh: - With Over Ninety-Eight-Thousand (98,000) Worldwide Views On Showcase.

Love Is PEACE,
Love Is FREE,
Love Will Put Your Soul At EASE...
Love Is Gentle,
Love Is DEAR,
Love Rebukes Away All FEAR ...
It Suffers LONG...
Love Is Able To Right A WRONG...
Like In The SONG Of Marvin GAYE,
'For Only Love Can Conquer HATE.'
Love Is ... (Pause)

A-haaa... A-haaa...
(Laughs) Y'all Thought'chall Was Gon' GET To Read The REST. Didn' Y'all? Didn' Y'all?
(Still Laughin'...)

Y'all Want Some Mo'? Huh? Y'all Want Some Mo' Terminal Sound Flow?
Ahhh... How 'Bout Dis Here?:

That Was A Sample Of "Love Everlast-ING"...
And It's Featured Here Courtesy Of Q-P-I Publish-ING.

(Laughin'... And Havin'... Waaay Too Much Fun...)

'Meine Geliebt werden Menschen Und Meine Geliebt werden Frauen?
Machen Leidenschaftlich Lieben,
Und Nicht Chaotisch KRIEG...
Weil Sie Sehen, Das ist, Was Alle Von Unsere Hoffen
In Lieben Ist FÜR.' . . .

Zon't Vurry... I's Got ThIS... In EnglISh:

'My Beloved Men And My Beloved Women?
Make Passionate Love,
And Not Chaotic WAR...
Because You See, That's What All Of Our Hope
In Love Is FOR.'

Keep Yourselves, Babies. Keep Yourselves.

Liebevoll, (Lovingly)
Katze ;)

Featured Language In Post: German

Copyright © 2015 Quill Pen Ink Publishing. The Cat Ellington Poetry Collection; Love Everlasting. All Rights Reserved.
Production Format: Sample

Jun. 18, 2015

I Know. I Know. I Was Just Here. But Hey, My Last Post Was Late. Very Late. It Was What, 900+ Past The Turn-Over, And I Almost Missed It. Thankfully, I Didn't, Because I Would've Really Hated It If I Had To "X" Out It's Prepared Sheet In My Books.
...But I'm Back Here On This Gorgeous Thursday - This Time Paying Adoring Tribute To The Beeyooteefohl Peoples Of South Africa In This New Post.

And Speaking Of This New Post, I Now Bring You It's Headline In English, My Dear Amadoda (Men) And Abesifazane (Women). I Now Bring You It's Headline In English: - Showcasing Over Ninety-Seven-Thousand (97,000) Worldwide Views.

OOOOH . . . Futhi Kanjalo SULEKILE . . .
Lokho Kanjani Yona Kuba Nini Wena Ukuenza Ukuphila Not Etshe INKATHO.

(Heh. King Shaka Would Be So Proud...)

The Sentiment, Translated In English:

OOOOH . . . And So SMOOOOTH . . .
That's How It Is When You Make Life A Stone GROOOOVE.'

...Be Joyfully Advised To Do Just That, My Beloved Masculine Men And Feminine Women. Be Joyfully Advised To Do Just That.

Ngothando, (Lovingly)
Yena ;)

Featured Language In Post: Zulu

Jun. 18, 2015

Hello, My Dear Masculinities And Femininities.

...Your Headline In English: The "Boutique Domain" Now Stands At Over Ninety-Six-Thousand (96,000) Views, Worldwide.

I Made Up A Groovy Poe-im Fuh Y'all. Wanna Read It? Here It Go:

Cherish IMMENSELY...
When God Is For You,
Who Can Be Against THEE?
Hold It DOWN,
Stand Your GROUND,
And Keep Your Head Above The CLOUDS
Focus On The Job At HAND...
When Told "You Can't,"
Shout "Yes I CAN!"
Heed These Words,
And In All That'cha DOOO...
...Make Life A Stone GROOOVE.

'Hnia, Hnia, Tiab Ib Ntau Hnia!'

(Purrrin' Like A REAL Cat...Woman)

That's The HMONG "TONGUE" Fuh, 'Mwah, Mwah, And One Mo' Mwah!'

Muaj siab hlub, (Lovingly)
Miv ;)

Featured Language In Post: Hmong