To better prepare for my new "role" as a casting director who works to pick, choose, and assign talent to parts in the industries of the visual and performing arts, I founded the Centaur Casting Agency on Monday, June 03, 1996 in Chicago. The agency specializes in film, television, commercials, voice-over, and theater production casting. 

Read all about the origin of the Centaur Casting Agency (CCA) in The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style by Joseph Strickland, B.J. Patterson and Cat Ellington (Vital Vision Publications, 2019).

The Centaur Casting Agency, the second eldest of my (3) established entities, was founded on Monday, June 03, 1996, a little over two months before Dual Mania went into production.

Unlike most casting and talent agencies respectively named for their founders, the Centaur Casting Agency was named for the constellation Sagittarius, the ninth astrological sign under which I was proudly born. And in the process of its establishment, it was my desire to create an agency that would serve to be a tremendous blessing to those many talented men, women, and children alike who populate the performing arts - rendering the community an incomparable esteem.

The Centaur Casting Agency. Shooting For The Stars.

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