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Songwriters are the architects of the music industry. Without a songwriter, there could not, and would not, be a music industry. We create the blueprint.
—Cat Ellington

The Cat Ellington song catalog is an over 40-year-old collection of lyrical and instrumental compositions, which cover nearly every genre in music - twenty-four genres, to be exact. And since the creation of my very first work, The Baby's Song, which was written in 1981, I have composed a body of work so diverse, that I humorously categorized each genre as a "collection," in order to better manage the catalog, which is great in quantity, what considering its age. Being a fashionista also inspired me in regards to the term, as it too pays tribute to the fashion industry with its seasonal, uniquely named collections, especially the House of Louis Vuitton with which I have a long-established history as a collector.

As much love and admiration as I have for those of my professional fellows within the music industry, particularly those who just so happen to be my main living songwriting influences, it is without a doubt that these extraordinary (yeah, I said it, and trust that I do indeed mean it) men and women will nurture a true respect for my musical contributions, no sooner than they are individually released, and regard me, the earthly creator of the same, as one of the most prolific and diverse sole songwriters in the history of the music industry. For the ones who came before me have paved a great way. And they will always reserve the right to command my professional respect.

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