Home to the Reviews by Cat Ellington series, and the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, Quill Pen Ink Publishing is a literary imprint that I founded on 10 November 2005, after completing a total of (14) productions of poetry, the first of the new creative addition being titled "Sylvia."

In the literary branch of my creative career, which came into being in April of 1982 after I'd completed my very first book review for Judy Blume's legendary YA fiction narrative, Tiger Eyes, I received a strong discerning that said analysis would be only the first of many more to come. And indeed, it was. I would also write any number of short reviews for all of the books that I had read up until that point, including Marjorie Sharmat's Hamburgers and Ice Cream for Dessert, and Marcia Brown's Stone Soup.

In July of 2004, my now adult writer served to be the recipient of a completely different type of literary composition: the poem. Yes, it had been in July of that same year that I composed my very first work of poetry to be titled Sylvia - in loving memory of my paternal great-grandmother. And much like in the other fields of my contribution to the written word (songwriting and book review writing), many more works of poetry would soon succeed the initial one.

For as the colored ink from my pen stains my story across the blankness of a white page, it is through my literary witness that I expose what is truth, what is a lie, what is wisdom, what is folly, what is knowledge, what is understanding, what is generosity, what is selfishness, what is sincerity, what is cruelty, what is faithful, what is disloyal, what is love, what is hate, what is strength, what is weakness, what is racism, what is classism, what is self-love, what is self-hatred, what is envy, what is jealousy, what is covetousness, what is idolatry, what is kindness, what is maliciousness, what is peaceful, what is chaotic, what is Holy, what is unholy, what is light, what is darkness, what is free, what is bondage, what is straight, what is crooked, what is joy, and what is sorrow. Even every emotional aspect of the common human experience.

Basically, I bring the truth and the light through the written word: for in such a way am I utilized as a creative human vessel. And this literary witness, divinely inspired as it is, was not intended to be dummied down, negatively influenced, controlled, or mismanaged; but I've an obligation to present the witness in a spirit of fearlessness, boldness, truth, love, and compassion. Therefore, the body of literary work was prepared that it would be published, publicly, without any third party influence or interference. And in that regard, there had to be an independent publishing company established, that it would serve to house and produce the collected works.

On Thursday, 10 November 2005, I prepared myself, both mentally and physically, to take on the task of building another "house." And after a few weeks of brainstorming over memorable names, the idea sprinkled down upon my mental person like refreshing raindrops. The new contribution was literary, particularly in poetry, so what would one associate with writing poetry? A quill pen! I quickly jotted the idea down on a slip of paper.

Like the BJMC and the CCA which were both founded before it, the name for the new company had to be one with a catchy acronym. So, I began to try on different names, liking some, not liking some, but still unable to come up with anything that comfortably fit me - until I prepared myself for bed that same evening. I'm fluffing my pillows for the 6 to 8 hour journey through sleepyville, when bam! Just like that, a unique name presented itself. Quill Pen Ink.

Poetry was/is traditionally written by the usage of quill pens dipped in ink, right? I'd asked myself. So why not? I then told myself. I considered the name idea well. And after a few moments, decided that Quill Pen Ink would be the name of the newest entity - after I researched it for possible availability first, of course. And in the event that the name was free for me to claim, it's chosen motto would also pertain to the craft of the written word: The Beauty of Expression.

Quill Pen Ink Publishing, the youngest of my (3) established entities, was founded on Thursday, 10 November 2005. And today, its literary catalogue boasts dozens of poetry productions and hundreds of literary and film reviews.

Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 1 is the first release in a series of nonfiction books that will be published under the Quill Pen Ink Publishing imprint, including the More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech Poetry Collection. 

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