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Feb. 9, 2018

Howdy, All! Howdy, Y'all!

This Brief Posting Is To Excitedly Inform Those Of You Who Are My Dearest Men & Women (Especially If You Count Among My Fellow Bookworms) That The Lovely Folks At Book Review 22 Have Elected To Welcome Reviews by Cat Ellington, Including Me As The Weblog's Founding Mother, To Its Elite Service Program—A Highly Distinctive Lineup Designed For Top Book Reviewers.

On Behalf Of RCE, I Wish To Extend My Appreciation To Alyssa, Derek, And The Entire Team At Book Review 22. Thanks For Having Us. And Thanks, Also, For Your Many Compliments On My Written Analyses. Let's Do It!

In A Spirit Of Genuine Humility,

Cat Ellington
Reviews by Cat Ellington

Jan. 26, 2018

• Post Courtesy of Blog Establishment Page at Reviews by Cat Ellington

Friday, January 26, 2018

Greetings, my dearest men and women! It is with absolute excitement that I present this succeeding post in honor of Reviews by Cat Ellington’s first annual celebration! Exactly one calendar year ago today, I established this personal online journal to accommodate my sizable collection of personally penned literary reviews. And I am so proud—so humbly proud—to say that in the first year I published 235 literary compositions, in the form of analyses, to the blog's book-enthused layout.

Though a considerable number of my analytical compositions which critique novels of both fiction and nonfiction were structured in longhand decades before there had been any such thing as the Internet, much less social cataloging sites that cater to the literary arts community, a vast number of the same were constructed, electronically, over the last five years. And of this feat, I am tremendously proud.

I wish to thank all of you who have taken the time to email me your personal compliments and other fine appraisals. And to all of those authors who have spoken many heartfelt words of tribute and admiration in honor of my analyses, I say, ‘Right back atcha!’ Because all of you have yourselves been given great wisdom from the Almighty Creator above to do what is significantly pleasing in the incontestable craft of writing. Nothing brings me so much joy on this Earth—aside from my loved ones—as the written word. And as long as there is wisdom bestowed upon me, and I’ve a blank page before me with a pen in my hand—or keys at my fingertips—I will enthusiastically compose a whirlwind of words; for such doing is my unequivocal passion.

Thank you, my beloved fellow readers and, ahem, scribblers.

— Cat Ellington

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Dec. 31, 2017

Monday, January 1, 2018
12:00 A.M.

My Deariest and Cheeriest Guys and Dolls, I Will Ask That You All Join Me In An Awesomely Tipsy Rendention Of The Timeless Robert Burns New Years Day Standard, "Auld Lang Syne."

Ready Now? Got Your Throats Cleared? Good. On The Count Of Three. One . . . Two . . . One, Two, Three:

🎵 Should Old Ac-quaint-ance Be For-got,
And Nev-er Brought To Mind? 🎵
🎵 Should Old Ac-quaint-ance Be For-got,
An-And Au-Auld La-ang Syyyne? 🎵

🎵 And There's A Hand My Trust-y Friend!
And Gie's A Hand To Thine 🎵
🎵 We'll Take A Cup Of Kind-ness Yet,
Fo-or Au-Auld La-ang Syyyyyyyyyne 🎵

Very Good, Boys and Goils! Give Yourselves A Great, Big Round Of Applause!!! Yes! Yes! Hell Yes! Right On!

(Clears Throat . . . Again)

Got Wine?

Be It A Still Wine, Or Be It A Sparkling Wine, Any Variety O' Wine—From The Grapevine—Will Always Do Just Fine When It Comes Time To Celebrate The Auld Lang Syne.

Yes, Even With A Tasty, Chilled Wine—Be It A Still Wine Or A Sparkling Wine—There Is Never A Better Time Than While Singing Along To The Auld Lang Syne To Enjoy The Effervescence Of A Crisp And Tasty Chilled Wine From The Grapevine.

Now, Say That Fast Five Times—But Only If Gie Is A Hand To Thine. A Hand To Thine That Turns Up A Crisp, Tasty, And Well Chilled Sparkling Wine . . . Or Even A Still Wine . . . Derived From The Grapevine.

Ahh, It's So Divine!!!!


Aw, Lawd Have Mercy. Give A Sista Strength, Lawd!

(More Laughs)

Happy New Year, All Y'all.
This Black Gal Who Is Tall Sez To All Y'all, 'Happy New Year, All Y'all.' Keep It On The Ball . . . The Good Ol' Times Square Ball. Hell, I'm Just Sayin' Any-Ol'-Damn-Thang, Y'all.

It's New Years, My Dears!


Right About Now, Y'all Prolly Like, 'Damn, Cat Goofy!'

(Many More Laughs)

Alright, Alright, Alright—It's All Groovy, And Yours Truly Is Truly Dynomite.

(Many, Many More Laughs)

Happy 2018, My Fellow Human Beings. Y'all Be Tremendously Blessed This Year. Greatly Blessed. Pappy? Don'tchu Be Drankin' Too Much Over Dere Wit Slim & 'Em.

Be At Peace, Babies. And Stay In Self-Love.


I, Uhhh . . . Aw Hell, Y'all Know Who I Am 💋

• Thanks To All Of The Great Folks At Santa Monica Patch For The New Years 2018 Artwork! I Appreciate Your Permitting Me To Utilize The Lovely Art For The Sake Of This Post. In A Spirit Of True Love I Send A Juicy MWAH To All Of You In Santa Monica! Happy New Year, My Dear Men and Women!

Dec. 5, 2017

Wotcha, Mates!

I've Some Blinding Ace News That I Am Really Chuffed About! I Mean, It's Dog's Bollocks! I'm So Gobsmacked To Know That My Name And Motion Picture Industry Credentials Are Now Enrolled In The Super Stonking British Film Institute (BFI), Mates!

I Do Say That This Latest Accomplishment Is Smashing! Just Cracking, Mates! God, This Is Just Bomb! I-I-I-I'm Simply Speechless! I-I-I'm So Blimey, Mates! This Is Simply Some Of The Most Cracking News, Ever! Ever! Aww, Fiddle Sticks!


Fancy That Groovy British Slang, My Dear Blokes and Fitbirds? Managing It Was Jolly Easy Peasy.
Okay, Okay, Enough Fannying Around; I Must Chivvy This Along. Gawd Blimey!

(More Laughs)

My Dear Men and Women, I Am Tremendously Esteemed To Share With All Of You This Great Respect. My Husband, Filmmaker Joseph Strickland, And I, As Well As Our Motion Picture Dual Mania Are Now In The National Archives And Collections Of The World-Renowned, Distinguished, And Highly Prestigious British Film Institute (BFI). And The Great International Honor Is Not Merely One For The Faint. Joe And I Are Not Only Besides Ourselves With Appreciation, But Also Loaded Down With Humility.

Thank You To The Entire Committee At The Illustrious British Film Institute, Including The Beautiful Natasha.

Joe And I Are Extremely Proud Of Our Creative Baby In Dual Mania, And It Gives Us Sheer Satisfaction To Know That The Institute Has Included The Film Work Since Its Conception In 1993 – The Year We Began Bringing It Into Being, From The Screenplay Onto Film.

Also, I Would Like To Thank Both Variety And The Hollywood Reporter For Recognizing Our Baby (The Same Being Dual Mania) From Day One. Thank You All.

Always Remember, Boys and Girls, It Don't Mean A Thang If It Ain't Got That British Slang.

Cheerio. 😊

Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.


I, The Hardest Working Woman in the Arts. 💋

BFI Film Forever Logo Is A Trademark of The British Film Institute.
Image Used By Permission.

Nov. 17, 2017

Good Morning (Or Evening)—Whichever Part Of The World You May Happen To Be In—My Dear Men & Women. This Post Is To Inform You All About The Release Of The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages 9th Edition, In Which Reviews by Cat Ellington (Including Me As Its Sole Contributor & Administrator) Will Appear For A 2nd Consecutive Year.

I Published A Post Here At The Boutique Domain, Back On May 1st of 2017 To Be Exact, Announcing RCE's & My Initial Entry In The 8th Edition Of The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages (Defiant Press, May 01, 2017). And I Am Equally Elated To Share That The Literature Blog Has Been Chosen To Highlight In The Pages For A Second Year.

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages Is The Only Comprehensive Source Of Influential Book Reviewer Profiles & Book Review Guidance Available To Authors, Publishers, and Publicists. It Is Published By PartnerPress, In Association With AuthorImprints, A Member Of The Independent Book Publishers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

On Behalf Of Reviews by Cat Ellington, I Would Like To Thank PartnerPress, David (Its Wonderful Editor), AuthorImprints, And The Entire Staff At The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages For Having Us Back Another Year. Thank You.

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages: A Book Marketing Guide for Authors and Publishers (9th Edition)

Published: November 13, 2017

Publisher: PartnerPress

eBook Available On/In:

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