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Reviews by Cat Ellington, Founded in 2017

 Home To The Multi-Tiered And Categorically Diverse Cat Ellington Book Analyses Collection, Reviews by Cat Ellington, Founded In January of 2017, Is A Sophisticated Literature Blog That Was Specifically Designed To Produce The Expansive Assemblage Of My Personally Constructed Book Reviews.

 Thirty-Eight Years In The Making, The Entire Body Of My Literary Analyses All Began With My Very First Written Review Of Judy Blume's Now World-Famous YA Opus, "Tiger Eyes." And To Date, The Said Review, Along With Hundreds Of Others Which Would Succeed It, Are Now Published For Public Viewing At Reviews by Cat Ellington, Respectively.

 In Addition To The Multitude Of Book Reviews, The Location Also Features A Few Of My Book Clubs And Other Third Party Site Links That Source My Public Literature (In Poetry), My Public Quotes, And The Famous Databases Where My Public Industry Credentials And Contributions Are Exhibited, Both Professionally And In General.


Interviews and Quotes

  "I would never quit on a book, even if it's awful. Once I start something, I believe in finishing it. The process of completing such a book will take me that much longer, but I wouldn't abandon it altogether."

— Cat Ellington

 Reviewer IndieView with Cat Ellington

 Date of Interview: 27 June 2017



Though I've Been A Lover Of Literature As Well As A Reader Of Various Narratives Of Fiction For Over Forty Years, It Was Not Until The Founding Of Reviews by Cat Ellington That I Was Greatly Blessed With The Unique Opportunity To Actually Communicate And Connect With A Respectable Set Of Novelists, Of Both Veteran And Novice Status. I Have Unreservedly Enjoyed Reading Their Efforts, Rating Their Efforts, And Reviewing Their Efforts. And It Is Within This Section That I Have Chosen To Honor Them, With Respect To Their Outstanding Literary Contributions.

These Gifted Men and Women Are As Follows:


Bianca Sloane, John Grisham, John Lutz, M.C. Domovitch, Pamela Samuels Young, Mark Edwards, John Ellsworth, Willow Rose, Peter Dawkins, LeVar Ravel, Steve Shear, Shawn Bartek, Ben Bedard, Edgar Swamp, Niels Saunders, D.F. Nightshade, Dallas Gorham, Jerold Last, Jason Parent, Christopher Slayton, Bob Waldner, Alretha Thomas, Sophia Han, Lee Alan, Beth Aldrich, Morten Flygare, AK Pittman, Renee Logan, David Kennedy, Ha Tae Keung, Peter Liptak, Andrew Montlack, Chris Bauer, Frances Ixx, Natasha Hudson, Gloria Silk, Clive Reznor—




It Is My Kindly Pleasure To Thank All Of The Publishing Houses That, To Date, Have Afforded Me—For Reviews by Cat Ellington—The Privilege Of Viewing Their Authors' Written Efforts—In The Form Of ARC Galley Proofs.

 The Publishing Entities Of Which I Speak Are As Follows:


  Dutton Books, Penguin Random House, St. Martin's Press (Especially You Justine), Oceanview Publishing, Pan Macmillan, Harlequin, Kindle Press, Aurelia Press, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine Bantam, Diverse Arts Collective, Inc.,, The Wild Rose Press, Inc., Bubby Dee Publishing, Niels Saunders Publishing, Lulu Publishing Services, Seven Oaks Publishing LLC, Chater Publishing, Howarth Press Publishing (Especially You Simon), Ravel Publishing, Ben Bedard Publishing, Edgar Swamp Publishing, Jerold Last Publishing, Red Adept Publishing, LLC, Christopher Slayton Publishing, Bob Waldner Publishing, Sophia Han Publishing, Honey Badger Publishing, Restoring Essence, LLC, Pittman Publishing, Renee Logan Publishing, W Books UK, Hungry Dictator Press (an Imprint of Exile Press LLC), Rent-Controlled Films, Ixx Publications, AOE Studios—



  Author-Issued Novels:

 Quite A Few Of The Titles In My Literary Library Were Personally Offered To Me By Each Narrative's Author. Greatly Honored By Such Gestures, I Have Selected This Section For The Purpose Of Tribute. Indeed, I Am Looking Forward To Reading And Reviewing Them All.

 The Listed Titles, Along With The Credited Name(s) Of Each Effort's Respective Author(s), Are As Follows:


 • Tradur Gurl by Peter Dawkins


 • Dating in the Apocalypse by Christopher John Chapter


 • Killjoy by LeVar Ravel


 • The Fountain of Youth by Steve Shear


• When The Light Goes Out by Shawn Bartek


 • The World Without Crows by Ben Bedard


• Blackout: The Life and Sordid Times of Bobby Travis by Edgar Swamp


 • Grand Theft Octo by Niels Saunders


• Season 7 by D.F. Nightshade


 • Day of the Tiger by Dallas Gorham


• Rum, Cigars, and Corpses by Jerold Last


 • A Life Removed by Jason Parent


• Chaos Company by Christopher Slayton


 • The Prophet of Marathon by Bob Waldner


• A Penny For Her Heart by Alretha Thomas


 • The Con Artists Next Door by Sophia Han


• Free Bird by Lee Alan


 • Pink Slips by Beth Aldrich (Thanks Also For Your Gift Of The Final Book Cover, Beth! It's Gorgeous!)


 • The Last Confession of Morten Flygare by Morten Flygare

 Update on Friday, July 07, 2017: Simon Cain At Howarth Press Has Just Informed Me Of A Revision To This Title. The Emendations Are As Follows:

 The Title Has Been Changed to The Skin Room; The Main Protagonist Has Undergone A Name Change: Alex Melville; And The Adapted Effort Will Further Be Published Under The Credited Author, Morgan Fleetwood.

 — Cat 


• Revelation and Retribution by AK Pittman


• J159 by Renee Logan


• Costa Braga by David Kennedy


 • The Great Successor: Kim Jong-Un by Ha Tae Keung


• Drip: A Gothic Bromance by Andrew Montlack


 • South of the City by W.H. Herman


• Death Divers by Frances Ixx (Thank You, Frances, For The Nice Gift Of Your Finalized Book Cover! A Fine Job Was Done On It!)


• The Skin Room by Morgan Fleetwood


 • All I Ever Wanted Was A Love Like Yours by Natasha Hudson


• First and Only Destiny by Gloria Silk


 • Second Destiny by Gloria Silk




 Shortly After I Established Reviews by Cat Ellington, Certain Members Of The Literary Community Made A Unique Approach To Me. And The Said Proposal Had Been For Me To Consider Having The New Entity Featured In 'A Reputable Publication That Precisely Catered To Authors By Providing Them With An Extensive Index Of Book Reviewers Who Each Concentrated On Any Set Of Genres That Would Singularly Meet Those Authors' Needs.'

 As Usual, I Heeded Sound Wisdom. And My Having Done So Resulted In Reviews by Cat Ellington Earning A Place, For The Very First Time, In A Published Book.

 Before I Proceed With The Credits, I Would Like To Publicly Acknowledge Those Men and Women In Publishing With Whom It Had Been A Pleasure For Me To Communicate While In The Process Of Extending RCE, By Way Of Saying 'Thank You.'

 The Names Of These Kind Men and Women Are As Follows:


 Maree Paras, Vickie Lyons, Thomas Bryant, Glenn Wilson, Patrick McGill, and Jenny Wong.


 To Date, The Publication(s) In Which Reviews by Cat Ellington Lists Among Those Highlighted Is/Are As Follows:


 • Book Reviewer Yellow Pages: A Book Marketing Guide for Authors and Publishers

(8th Edition)

Author: Christine Pinheiro

Publisher: Defiant Press

Publication Date: May 01, 2017


 • Book Reviewer Yellow Pages: A Book Marketing Guide for Authors and Publishers

(9th Edition)

 Publisher: PartnerPress

Publication Date: November 13, 2017



  Literature Blogs and Directories:

 Since The Inception Of Reviews by Cat Ellington, I Have Been Introduced To A Bevy Of Great Book Directories That Are In Creation To Serve The Worldwide Community Of Literature—Which Would Include Its Reviewers. And By Certain Members Of This Artistic Company Was I Invited To Submit My New Venture—The Same Being Reviews By Cat Ellington—To Be Included Within A Said Number Of Databases.

 To Date, Those Third Party Indexes That Also List Reviews by Cat Ellington Are As Follows:


 • The IndieView


• The Book Blogger List


 • WP Book Blog Listing


 • Author E.M.S.


• Book Reviewers Directory


 • IndieBooks


• Trode Publications


 • I. A. Book Reviews


• Corvisiero Literary Agency



  Social Cataloging Services:

Though The Creation Of Reviews by Cat Ellington Had Been Planned One Calendar Year Ahead Of Time, I Would Not Begin To Join Any Social Cataloging Services Until December Of 2016. And Since Doing So, I Have Been Greatly Blessed To Publish My Literary Reviews, Publicly, Through The Additional Extension Of Their Outlets. Honored To Be Among Their Innumerable Members, I Admire The Existence Of These Literary Data Systems, And Affectionately Thank—For Their Professionalism—Those Individual (Human) Facilitators Who Have Made My Participation Pleasurable.

 The Sites Of Which I Speak Are As Follows:


 • Goodreads (Especially You, Rozeltte! Thank You For Your Kind Words, My Dear Lady!)


• NetGalley


 • First to Read




 Considering That I Practically Grew Up In A Quantity Of Chicago Public Library Branches, I Felt It My Literary Duty To Pay Homage To My Beloved City And To Her Nothing Less Than Outstanding Public Library System—Of Which Environment I Am A Veteran Product.

 The Prized Branches Over Which I Enthuse Are As Follows:


 • Chinatown Branch — Thank You To Ms. Mamie, Who, For Many A Year, Held Down The Fort At The Great Branch—Even From The Time When It Was Only A Small Little Storefront Hideaway Compared To What It Has Become Today. And On Behalf Of Every John Charles Haines Elementary School Student Who Worked Your Last Nerve, Including Me, I Say, We Love You, Ms. Mamie. Thank You For The Additional Education, As Well As For Your Assistance With My Early Training In Business. Love You, Ma.



 • Chicago Bee Branch — Being A Ridiculously Proud Southsider, As Well As A Rooted Product Of Kenwood/Hyde Park, Washington Park, Bronzeville, Jackson Park, and Douglas, I Spent An Abundance Of Both My Childhood And Young Adulthood At The Landmark Chicago Bee Branch Library, Reading And Studying Much Way Back When, During The Old Era. Located On The South State Street Strip, More Commonly Known As The State Street Corridor, The Branch Has Its Place Within The Historic Chicago Bee Building—A Home Away From Home. My Indescribable Love For Chicago's Southside—Including All Of My Favorite Stomps Established On It—Will Never Wax Weary. The Southside of Chicago Is My Oyster.

 In Mention Of The Bee Branch, I Wanna Say Thank You To My Loved Ones Who Had Been There, Helping To Both Encourage And Nurture My Natural Born Gift Of Writing, In Addition To My Passionate Affinity For Reading. 

 A Segment Of My Former Educators and Mentors, These Most Beloved Men and Women Are/Were Named As Follows:


 Ms. Wanda Jackson, Ms. Thelma Jeffries, and Mr. Kenneth Shakespeare.

 In Memoriam: Mr. Carl "Smitty" Smith, Ms. Thelma Yates, Mr. Gene Thomas, and the great Ms. Dorothy "Dottie" Luckett.



 • King Branch — When I Consider All Of My Personally Adored Streets, Avenues, Drives, Ways, and Roads In My Cherished Chicago, Especially The Main "Arteries" On The Red Line, King Drive—As In Dr. Martin Luther King Drive—Stands Out As One Of The Most Dearest Held. I Love King Drive With Every Molecule Of My Being. And That Would Also Include The CPL Branch Which Is Stationed Along Its Passage. 

 The King Branch—Yet Another Treasured Home Away From Home—Also Kept Me Holed Up, Many A Morning And Late Afternoon, Immersed In Microfiche Research. I Love My Groovy People Over There. And It Is In A Spirit Of True Gratitude That I Extend My Heartfelt Thanks To Those Gifted Academics (Formerly Stationed At The Branch) Who Served As My Literary Tutors All Those Years Ago.

 Their Names Are/Were As Follows:


 Ms. Carolyn Bramlet and Mr. Charles Walker.

In Memoriam: Ms. Thelma Shaw.



 • Blackstone Branch — My Family Tree Was Originally Planted In The Heart Of The Kenwood/Hyde Park Community, Even For Generations. And It Is From This Great Historic District That I Issue. Over The Years, However, Some Of My Clan Would Eventually Spread Out To Other Southside Communities Like Washington Park and Jackson Park (Love Y'all Parkers!), Bronzeville (Love Y'all Bronzers!), and Douglas (Love Y'all Low End Legends!), With Me Being Among The Relocating Bunch. But No Matter Where I Dwelled, I Saw To It That I Kept My Footmark Impressed On The Surface Of My Aboriginal Habitation.

 Like The Other Eminent CPL Branches Listed In This Acknowledgements Section, The Blackstone Branch Is To Me One Of Foremost Significance.

 Quite A Bit Of My Creative Work Came Into Being Within The Walls Of The Beautiful Building. And It Is With Humility That I Thank My People—Then Positioned On Site—For Their Time And Assistance In The Fostering Of My Creativity.

 The Same Are/Were Named As Follows:


 Ms. DeeDee Wilson and Mr. Frank Vincent.

 In Memoriam: Mr. Robert Sanders.



 • Hall Branch — My Very First Trip To The Legendary Hall Branch Had Been During The Time That I Was A Student At William W. Carter Elementary School of Excellence. I Can Remember My Introduction To The Hall Somewhat Vividly, Because My Mama, Too A Bona fide Reader As Well As An Overall Literature Enthusiast, Had Taken My Brother And Me There To Donate Books. It Was The Era Of The 1970s.

 From That Time On, Frequenting The Fabled Branch Had Become A Weekly Custom. And Although My Family Would In Due Time Vacate Our South Michigan Ave. Digs To Find New Ones On South Calumet Ave., I Still Spent A Good Deal Of My Time At The Hall Branch—Reading And Checking Out Books, Mostly.

 To My Women At The Branch Who Had Helped To Steer My Interest In Periodicals, I Say, Thank You.

 The Ladies Were Named As Follows:


 In Memoriam: Ms. Ruby Wallace and Ms. Alberta Dawson.



 • Harold Washington Library Center — The Big House! The Grande Casa! The Grandiose Maison! The Predominant Artery of the Chicago Public Library System! The Most Influential Facility of Housed Literature in the World! The Best of the Best! Named After The Bigwig! . . . The Big Daddy! . . . The Beloved Grandpoppa! . . . The One And Only Harold Washington.

 God, I Loved That Man.

 Architecturally Completed In 1991, The Subsequent Central Library, Entitled In Honor Of The Late, Great Mayor Harold By His Respective Predecessor, Mayor Richard M. Daley, Became For Me, No Sooner Than Its Doors Opened To The General Public In October Of That Same Year, A Cocoon Of Bliss. Honestly, I Spent Nearly Every Weekend In Its Cozy Confines. And It Is Unquestionably One Of Chicago's Finest Architectural Works of Art, Even One Of Which I Am Most Fond.

 While Preparing To Apply For Enrollment At DePaul University College of Law During The Early Spring Of 1994, I Practically Inhabited The HWLC. So Often Had I Been There That Members Of The Staff Used To Say, Jokingly, 'Damn, Cat, You Oughta Be Payin' Rent Here!'


 Good Times! Gooood Times.

 But There I Was, Buried In Law Books. Lots Of 'Em. And My People On Site, God Love Every One O' Those Men and Women, Had Each Still, Despite Their Funny Quips, Gone Out Of Their Way To Assist Me In My Studies—Legal And Otherwise. And Even Though I Thanked Them All Then, I Wanna Thank Them All Again Now.

 Their Names Are As Follows:


 Ms. Trina Jackson, Mr. Brendan O'Malley, Ms. Lucille Carver, Mr. Jonathan Marks, Mr. Luis Martinez, and Ms. Sandra Olson.

 I Love Y'all.



Signed Books: 

 In My New Receipt Of Review Requests From Novelists of Fiction and Nonfiction—The Result Of Reviews by Cat Ellington, The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages, and The IndieView—I Have Been Offered (By Both Publishers and Authors Alike) Paperback Editions Of Titles Personally Signed And Dated By Each Effort's Individual Composer. And Here, In This Section Captioned "Signed Books," Is Where I Will List, In Edition To Those Narratives Thus Far Received, Every Personally Inscribed Publication Subsequent.

 The Titles, Along With The Names Of Their Authors, Are As Follows:


 • The Last Confession of Morten Flygare by Morten Flygare


• Revelation and Retribution by AK Pittman


 • Drip: A Gothic Bromance by Andrew Montlack


• The Skin Room by Morgan Fleetwood


 • Returning: The Journey of Alexander Sinclair by Sharon Gunason Pottinger


Awards and Medals

  The Library Passionate That I Am, I Finally Got Around To Joining Tim Spalding's LibraryThing On May 05, 2017. And It Had Been On The Very Same Day That I Was Granted My Very First LibraryThing Award, Otherwise Described As A Medal, For My Contribution Of Cover Uploads To The Social Catalogue.

 One Day Later (May 06, 2017), I Was Graced With Yet A Second Award, Courtesy Of LibraryThing. This Time, The Honor Was The Result Of My Contribution As A Helper To The Catalogue In The Area Of Author Pages: Biographies, Titles Written, Photos, Official Websites, Wikipedia Article Links, Trivia, Body Stats, etc. 

 On The Succeeding Day Of My New Membership (May 07, 2017), Another Round Of Award Badges And Medals Were Administered By LibraryThing—The Same Of Which I, Too, Had Been A Beneficiary. It Would Be The Third Award Bestowed On Me, The Consequence Of My Cover Uploading Contribution.

 Friday, July 07, 2017 Ushered Into My Possession Two (2) New Award Medals, Courtesy Of Tim Spalding and LibraryThing—In Honor Of My Following Contributions:

 Gold Medal For Venue Photos Added To Bookstores, Libraries, and Special Events; Silver Medal For Assisting In Varied Areas Of The LibraryThing Community.

 Thank You, Mr. Spalding. You Have Established A Remarkable Web Catalogue, And I Am Overjoyed To Be One Of Its Members.


The Establishment

 Reviews by Cat Ellington, My Only Established Personal Online Journal, Was Founded On Thursday, January 26, 2017. An Extension Of My Literary Sector, The Refined Weblog Serves To Accommodate My Book Review Collection Of Nearly Forty Years In Age.

 Unlike The Boutique Domain, Through Which My Entertainment, Art, and Literary Divisions Are Exhibited As A Whole, Reviews by Cat Ellington, Its Sister Site, Was Generated To Exclusively Publish My Accumulation Of Literary Analyses.

 Also Included At The Location Are My Book Clubs, Libraries, Books Read, Books To Be Read, Film Reviews, Reading Challenge Updates, And Social Catalogue Listings—As Well As My Treasured Bookshelves, 100-Count And Over 1000 Titles Wide.

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