'A Good Catch Phrase'

Watercolors by Ateli© Are Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

The Origin of the Original Genre Slogan

  In 2002, After Writing The First Verse And Chorus To My First Bluegrass Work, And Having Added A Bluegrass Collection To My Song Catalogue As A Result Of It, Another Unique Idea Came To Me.

 With The New Bluegrass Collection Adding To The Diversity Of My Song Catalogue As Far As Musical Genres Went, The 'Unique Idea' Had Been To Give Each Genre A 'Motto.' And It Was To Be A Motto That Would Represent That Particular Genre Of Music - Slogans That Would Distinctively Define Each Genre's Unique Meaning, And What That Genre Represented In Music - For Example: The Bluegrass Collection Was Given The Motto, 'These Fast Pickin's Ain't Slim!, While The R&B Collection's Motto Is, 'Passionately Romantic and Sensual,' etc. 

 These Two Examples Represent, In A Nutshell, The Cat Ellington Genre Slogan - Integrated Into My Body Of Work In August Of 2002.


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