A Summary Of My Lyrical Stories

Watercolors by Ateli© Are Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

The Origin of the Original Song Synopsis

   From The Black Jaguar Music Company: Where The Blank Page Is First Priority, Home Of The Cat Ellington Song Catalogue, Comes The Original Song Synopsis. 

 The Song Synopsis Is My Own Unique Way Of Providing A Detailed Summary Of Each One Of My Song Works Upon Their Public Release. 

 The Idea, Inspired By The Screenplay Synopsises Of My Husband, Filmmaker Joseph Strickland, Had Come Into Being In 1993, As I Had Been Brainstorming Over Just How To Creatively Introduce My Musical Stories To Both Those Within The Industry And Those Who Are Members Of The General Public At Large. And Integrating A Synopsis Of What Each Lyrical Story Entailed Had Been Just The Thing Through Which I Would Do It. 

 The Original Song Synopsis, Initially An Idea, Soon Became A Part Of The Cat Ellington Musical Entity, And Yet Another Creative Extension Of The Black Jaguar Music Company. 

 Where The Original Song Synopsis Is Concerned, It Is A Practice That, To My Knowledge, Has Never Been Done Before In It's Way By Any Given Songwriter Within The Music Industry. 


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