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Watercolors by Ateli© Are Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

The Black Jaguar Music Company, Founded In 1982

   Home To The 24-Genre Cat Ellington Song Catalogue, The Black Jaguar Music Company: Where The Blank Page Is First Priority, Is An Independent Music Publishing House That I Originally Founded As Black Jaguar Songs On May 9, 1982 After Having Completed My Third Song Work Titled "Gluttony (The Shell)" When I'd Been Just Eleven-Years-Old. 

 The Work, Emotional In Its Context, Had Been Inspired By My Struggle With Childhood Obesity. 


The Origin of the BJMC

  The Idea For The Name "Black Jaguar" Was Inspired By That Particular Breed While I Had Been On A Class Field Trip To The Brookfield Zoo In Mid April Of 1982. 

 As One Of My Childhood Mentors, Mr. Melvin Gaynor, Led Our Class On A Tour Of The Now Legendary Zoo, We All Happened Upon An Enclosed Wild Cats Exhibit Which Contained An Exquisite Collection Of Large Jungle Cats—Including Jaguars. 

 And I Can Remember That Most Of The Jaguars On Exhibit Had Spotted Coats. However, There Had Also Been Two Solid Black Jaguars On Exhibit: One A Cub, And The Other One - Who Would Be The Inspiration For My Future Company's Name - Was A Full Grown Female Who'd Possessed A Beautiful, Shiny Black Coat. She'd Had Solid Gold Eyes And A Sleek Build. And She Had Been An Absolutely Gorgeous Animal; I Couldn't Stop Staring At Her. I Can Recall Mentioning To The Zoologist Of 'My god-Mother Having A Life-Size Replica Of That Same Panther At Home.'

She'd Bought It In The 70s, Ya Know. Said It 'Reminded Her Of Black Women.' (Laughs) 

 Well, After The Field Trip, Once I'd Gotten Home, I Told My My Beloved Women (My Mama And My god-Mama) All About My Experience With The Real Life Panther—All The While Looking At The Porcelain Replica, Which Sat So Elegantly On Our Front Room's Floor. I Really Loved The Look Of That Jaguar...

 So, Enthralled And Inspired, I Had At That Moment Decided That The Company Which My Musical Mentor And Instructor, Dorothy "Dottie" Luckett, And I Had Been Talking About Starting For My Song Works, Weeks Earlier, Would Not, After All, Be Named The Cat Ellington Music Shop (Cringing At The Name Now), But Black Jaguar Songs Instead. 

  I Had Informed Dottie The Day After The Field Trip Of My Desire To Go Ahead And Start What She'd Called A 'Music Publishing Company'. 'A Company Of This Sort', As It Had Been Explained To Me Back Then, 'Is For The Sole Purpose Of Selling/Licensing Your Music...' Dottie Used To Tell Members Of The Faculty That 'Cat Is An Old Soul.' And There Were Actually Times Where She'd Forgotten That She Was Dealing With A Child. 'A Very Gifted Child', She'd Always Say, 'But A Child'.

 The 'Old Soul' That I Was Had Hungered For Music Industry Knowledge. And In Addition To All Of The Inside Information That I'd Been Blessed To Learn Per Dottie, Who Had Been A Great Songwriter/Composer Herself (She'd Written Our School Song), I Spent Countless Hours In Libraries Reading About The Music Industry And How It Operated—Particularly Where Songwriters Were Concerned—Not Understanding A Lot Of It, But Asking Plenty Of Questions, Like What Certain Terms In Contractual Clauses Meant. I'd Even Bought Myself A Webster's Collegiate Dictionary And Looked Up Every Term That I Ran Across. 

 I Wore The Poor Librarians Out With My Constant Inquiries. But I Had A Company To Start. And I Had A Fiery Belly. 

 Was As Serious As Malignant Cancer About My Lyrics And My Music Then As I Am Now. And Owning My Small Collection Of Works (Three Songs At The Time) Had Been Of The Utmost Importance To Me. 

  A Music Publishing Business Had Been Urgently Needed To Contain My Eleven-Years-Old-Going-On-Twenty Ego—Not To Mention All THREE Of My Song Works. I Began To Study Trademark And Copyright Laws, Again Not Understanding The More Complicated Stuff, But Still Picking Every Librarian's Brain That I Could - As Well As Dottie's. I'd Even Phoned An Attorney Once And Questioned Him, Under The Pretense That I Was Working On A School Assignment. 

 To Make A Longer Story Short, "Black Jaguar Songs", As My Company's Original Name Had Been, Was Founded On May 9, 1982, About A Week After I'd Completed My Third Song Work Titled "Gluttony (The Shell)"—Which Is My "At Seventeen" (Janice Ian)—Because The Story Was Inspired By My Struggle With Childhood Obesity, And With My Having Been A Very Unpopular Person Among Some Of The Other Kids As A Result Of It. 

 It Would Not Be Until Twenty-Three Years Later That I Would Change The Name Of My Beloved Business To The Black Jaguar Music Company—Accompanied By The Motto: Where The Blank Page Is First Priority. 


The Establishment

  The Black Jaguar Music Company, The Eldest Of My (3) Established Entities, Was Founded On Sunday, May 9, 1982 Under It's Original Name, Black Jaguar Songs. 

 To Date, It Houses And Produces A Massive Musical Collection That Spans (24) Genres. And Through Its Film Branch, The House Co-Publishes Its Compositions, Created For Soundtrack Format, With Its Fellow ASCAP Member, Vital Vision Film Music. 


 • The Black Jaguar Music Company Is The Parent Company Of, Bynamed The Boutique Domain. 







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